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Linkeddb News November 26& have spent November 26, actor Zhong Ren Welcome your birthday. "Retrograde comfort zone" birthday party was held in Beijing last night, Zhong Ren specially held a birthday party with Zhong Ren fans from all over the country. Zhong Ren showed off her sunshine boy nature in a casual dress on the day. Zhong Ren not only prepared a surprise gift package including the new book "like a city under a calm sky" for the fans, but also emptied the shopping cart and screamed on the spot. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

Zhong Ren sharing conference of China university of political science and law. JPG

Video surprise birthday party & NBSP; Quick questions and quick answers are always interesting

It is reported that the "comfort zone retrograde" theme birthday party is held again after 5 years, so many fans have to travel thousands of miles to the idol of the appointment. And always support you back to fans, Zhong Ren specially recorded a perspective of "girlfriend" video, will myself from getting up to go out the whole process of, most private the most true side show in front of the fans for the first time, especially the video in the end, when Zhong Ren at the camera with spoil gentle tone to tell "such as nasty, I'm on my way", screamed repeatedly tuxedos, can say very familiar powder.

Privately is famous for its low profile of Zhong Ren and few opportunities for fans of close contact, so "our quick quiz" became a birthday one of the indispensable link, for fans of many of the problems: "feel appearance level when is peak", "why not tweeting", "eat the food of the most recently what is", "please publish a national collection of her boyfriend, I want to let my boyfriend to learn"...

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Dialect version like pingcheng under the laughing & NBSP;

In addition, the birthday party scene for fans to prepare a number of close interaction with the idol game links. "Relay family" Zhong Ren shows hula hoop stunts; "Love you in the heart is difficult to guess" according to the body movements guess words, fans dedicated to a variety of god interpretation; In the dialect version of wan ping cheng xia, fans from all over the country acted as the "dubbing teacher". Zhong Ren was taught to speak shaanxi dialect, hunan dialect and anhui dialect on the spot, which caused a lot of laughter. Several rounds of wonderful games created memories between Zhong Ren and Zhong Ren's fans. For victory in game fans required welfare, Zhong Ren all agreed, at 10 seconds is the heart speeds up, recording one exclusive you wake up, and personally framed photographs of sincerity, more surprising is that there are lucky fans were on the spot to smoke in the "pay for your welfare, ten grade pet powder Zhong Ren immediately take out cash to empty the shopping cart, for its boyfriend Max force, and repeatedly praised it as a" man of the match brocade carp, the highlight of the entire birthday party.

Zhong Ren signs for fans. JPG

Zhong Ren with fans JPG

Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren Zhong Ren

The theme of this birthday party is "the retrograde of comfort zone", which means to break away from the circle of familiar comfort, constantly challenge the unknown field, and find a new self. Zhong Ren is such a person who has never set limits for himself and never goes back to the comfort zone. In the 21 years since his debut, Zhong Ren has been an actor, director, singer, photographer and writer. Despite his multiple identities, Zhong Ren has always held a yearning and fearless heart.

As an actor, he is the director of Marital defense war "The brother-in-law in" Li Gang incident ", is" BeijingYouth "In the road to take the youth again" he xi ", or" Nothing gold can stay ", "zhao Shi Bai ", to break through their own time and time again, a perfect metamorphosis, the interpretation of each role incisively and vividly. As a director, he studied abroad for two years and focused on film production. His graduation work the kingdom of silence has won numerous awards and won numerous praises. As a singer, he made millions of fans with a love song and delivered positive energy with being his own hero. As a photographer, his "Nothing gold can stay" series of behind-the-scenes photos restore the most authentic black-and-white set. Now Zhong Ren has acquired another identity -- writer. Since its publication in November, Zhong Ren's novel like a city under a calm city has attracted a lot of attention. The issue of choice and values has aroused strong resonance among people, especially college students. In addition, a new book signing session is specially set up at the birthday party. Zhong Ren would like to sign the best wishes for each queuing fan and thank them for their support and love.

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After a series of interesting interaction sessions, Zhong Ren was deeply moved by the "love" romantic confession lit up by the finger light of the fans who responded to their assistance and sang the birthday song for Zhong Ren together. The little stars are like the fluorescence in the night, illuminating the way forward, warm is the firm heart. After the birthday party, Zhong Ren non-stop arrived at the China university of political science and law, around the theme of "difficult to know escape line" share the communication with students, witty conversation to make the activity field of laughter, applause, the atmosphere is very warm, activity last Zhong Ren also enthusiasm and everyone big picture, and encourage the students to study hard, motivate people to do good. I hope Zhong Ren with such positive energy will bring you more excellent works in the future.

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