The TV series 'City of Desire' by Wu Xiubo Angelababy Zhong Ren

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The TV series " City of Desire " director Liu Jin, screenwriter Tong Chen , starring Wu Xiubo , Angelababy , Zhong Ren , Zhu Zhu (actress) , Hongjie Ni , Yang Wang , Yizhe Wang , Zhu Jiaqi , Ai Dai, etc. “City of Desire” is based on the story of the younger generation struggling in the new era. It describes the living beings in the city. Although life is always bitter and sweet, the workplace always has successes and failures, and emotions are always inseparable. It is a combination, but life itself is such a mixture of flavors, like you and me in urban life. It tells the story of their struggle for the cause and their attachment to love.

 City of Desire

The play centered on the workplace and emotions. It spreads like an onion and spreads to living Fang Fang . It focuses on the cross-section of life and seeks the happiness of urban people in the new era. The friendship between Jiang Nianhua and Qiao Na, accompanied and guarded by Lin Biao silently, raised the temperature of the city; the love between Lin Biao and Yang Wang was cramped because of the entanglement of the cause, but never forgot about the pursuit of happiness. Ruan Xiaoling (Hongjie Ni ornaments) seems to cry because of family disputes, and her husband, Richard (Yang Wang), also carries the goal of “Let the wife and children live in the kitchen”. They confront each other, talk together, talk and dream, and live in harmony in one city. Everyone and every emotion is closely linked to the city. Just as Lin Biao said, "Fall in love with someone and fall in love with a city" because there are familiar figures in that city.

 City of Desire

The younger generation such as Lin Biao (Angelababy) and Yang Wang (Zhong Ren) have established goals for urban life, fast-paced, imaginative, and willing to pay just what they portray; Jiang Nianhua (Wu Xiubo) and Qiao Na ( Zhu Zhu (actress), etc. as beneficiaries of urban development. They are forging ahead and don't forget to feed back. “I don't worry about the future,” and “I hope you will always be willing to help others”, and inherit the spirit of urban life. Each character is struggling forward along his own life path. Everyone has his own theme song of life. And behind his busy life, people can feel their steadfast pursuit of happiness, even if they are faced with Frustrations, quarrels, and failures will not be defeated. They are the best marks of the city, and reflect every living person in the city.

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