10th golden broom awards season 3 vote

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To avoid missing films, the golden broom awards starts each season this year, with films and individuals who qualify each season entering the final shortlist early next year.

The nominations for the third season of the 10th golden broom awards (Chinese language films, July 1-september 30, 2018) have been announced!

Poster for the third quarter of the 10th golden broom awards. PNG

This season's golden broom nominations include both "cry Wolf" and "eat dog" Orangelove ", which is also considered to be one of the worst pieces ever written by happy mahua.Hello, Mrs. Money",Bao Bei 'erHis debut novel Fat man squad There is no suspense to let the audience down, there is a film emperorTony Leung Chiu waiThe franchise is still going to be a bad movie. European Raiders "...

Next year (2019) marks the 10th anniversary of the golden broom awards. In addition to choosing the most disappointing film of 2018, we will add special awards such as "the most disappointing film of the decade, the most disappointing director, the most disappointing male and female actor". Stay tuned.

The attached:

List of votes for the third season of the 10th golden broom awards for Chinese films

Most disappointing film (16 out of 10)


Poster for the film

Hello, Mrs. Money

Poster of the movie Hello, Mrs. Money. PNG

The European Raiders"

A poster for the film

Fat man squad

"Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu"

Poster for the film

" Golden Job "

" Cry Me A Sad River "

" Master brother "

"New Oolong House's Laughing Lakes"

" bathing in blood "

"The road is high."

" Decoding game "

" good and bad "

The tao master

" Leave without saying goodbye "

"The anatomy room paranormal boys' quarters"

Most disappointing director (5 out of 15)

Zheng Wei "Orangelove"

wu yu han Hello, Mrs. Money

Chin Ka lok -The Golden Job"

Cry Me A Sad River

Bao Bei'er "Fat man squad"

Jingle Ma The European Raiders"

Notes Ka Wai -"Master brother"

Kevin Chu New Oolong House's Laughing Lakes

The peak, Zhang Xin Bathing in blood

Pang Ho cheung,"Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu"

Jang Kaiyang The road is high.

Lee Hae - RyongThe Decoding game"

Good and bad by tao moxi

Cheng Zhang Leave without saying goodbye.

The more wars'anatomy room paranormal boys' quarters'

3. Most disappointing screenwriters (5 out of 12)

Qian chenguang, wu jinrong, Hello, Mrs. Money

Yuan Wang "Orangelove"

& amp; # 44608; & amp; # 46041; & amp; # 44512;, Jian Le Guo ,Lee Min ho -, Heiward Mak The Golden Job"

And, Guo Jingming Cry Me A Sad River

Pang ho-cheung, liu zhilin "Fat man squad"

"European Raiders" by peng jr.

Notes Ka Wai, Chen Li "Master brother"

Yao-sheng chang, Zhu Ling front ", niu xinwei's "New Oolong House's Laughing Lakes"

Zhen Zhang Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu

The road is high.

Su Liang , Qiao Yu , Lee Min ho,Jui - Chi Liu,The Decoding game"

"Anatomy room paranormal boys' quarters"

Most disappointing actor (3 out of 10)

Huang Cai lun -Hello, Mrs. Money

Yang Song Hello, Mrs. Money

Chen He "Orangelove"

Yuan Hong (actor)"Orangelove"

Tony Leung chiu-wai European Raiders

Kris Wu The European Raiders"

Article Fat man squad

Bao Bei'er "Fat man squad"

Ning Wang New Oolong House's Laughing Lakes

Yeong - jin Jo"Cry Me A Sad River"

Most disappointing actress (3 out of 10)

Celina Jade Hello, Mrs. Money

Lou Yixiao "Orangelove"

Jiajia Deng "Orangelove"

Tiffany Tang The European Raiders"

Du Juan The European Raiders"

Carina Lau "Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu"

Jingyan Wu Leave without saying goodbye.

"Cry Me A Sad River" by ren min

People also ask Fat man squad

People also ask Fat man squad

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