She had an affair with carina lau's husband tony leung chiu-wai and is now out of the entertainment industry.

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Carina Lau,She was a well-known movie star, and few people knew that there was another female star whose name was only a word short of Carina Lau'sValerie Chow.


Valerie Chow was born in Canada in 1970 and stands 173. Tall, tall and with long legs, people love flowers and flowers. Valerie Chow, who was born in Canada, speaks fluent English and cantonese. I returned to Hong Kong to study in high school and became a lawyer after graduation.

Valerie Chow was walking down the street one day, spotted by a star scout and encouraged to enter a beauty contest.


In 1991,Valerie Chowwas runner-up at Miss Hong Kong for her tall figure. Because her other competitors were so beautiful, she had to take a sexy route.



Valerie Chow was lucky enough to be there in 1993Peter Chan,The director of the new brothers has a cameo role withTony Leung Chiu waiSince then, I have established a friendship with Tony Leung chiu-wai.


Valerie Chow starred in goodbye my wife in 1994David ChiangGossip. Because its coquettish image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, in the same year, it was selected by film makers to take part in three films.Wan9zhao5", and novaChang LabonSex with passion.


Valerie Chow later wonWong Kar wai -Appreciated, acted in "chongqing forest", with the sexy performance in the film to make a surprise, all parties attention.


Interestingly,Carina Lau,was the winner of the best female ensemble at the awards, and wei chai andValerie Chowwere rumored to be having an affair. I wonder whatCarina Lau,thought at that time.


In 1995, the year of Valerie Chow's breakout, she appeared in nearly ten films. Valerie Chow was cast in 2004Lawrence Ng,Ada ChoiStarring in the republic of China drama "legend of the chivalrous doctor of Shanghai beach". Since then, entertainment has faded out.


Valerie Chow became famous for her sexy career over the years.Jet Li,Jacky Cheung,It is no wonder thatCarina Lau,was so upset about Tony Leung chiu-wai's alleged affair with Valerie Chow. Although she is married to Tony Leung chiu-wai,Carina Lau,is not confident. She once forced Tony Leung chiu-wai to declare that she would never cooperate withValerie Chowagain.


At that time, many people believed that Tony Leung chiu-wai andValerie Chowwere a match made in heaven. However, Tony Leung chiu-wai chose Carina Lau! As it turns out,Carina Lau,is stronger thanValerie Chowin all aspects, so it's no wonder that Tony Leung chiu-wai chose Carina Lau.


Valerie Chow wanted to look good, look good, be in shape, act well and act well, but she didn't catch on. She has had an affair not only with Tony Leung chiu-wai, but also with a mixed raceDaniel WuThere was also an emotional entanglement.


In 2004,Valerie Chowstepped back from acting and rarely did any more acting. A year later,Valerie Chowquickly found the right man, married an indian-american interior designer, and the couple were so sweet that she gave birth to a 6.8-pound daughter in March 2008. Today,Valerie Chowis a rare actress, but she remains one of Hong Kong's fashion ICONS, with an indelible legacy.

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