I once fell in love with tony leung chiu-wai for six years and was snatched away by his girlfriend carina lau. now my son is tall and handsome, which makes her a lot of face.

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Worked withTony Leung Chiu waiI've been dating for six years, and I've been friends Carina Lau His son beat Carina Lau in the face

mentioned Margie Tsang This name, probably not familiar to many people right now? I don't know if you remember the 85 edition of Fox Volant Of The Snowy Mountain "The heroine miao ruolan, will certainly think of it is her. At that time, she was also deeply loved by the audience for her refreshing and elegant appearance in the show, and became the most famous actress in TVB in the 1980s and 1990s Mini Yang , Liu Yifei .

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Margie Tsang was born into a medical family. Her father and two older brothers were doctors. The 17-year-old accompanied her to the TVB artiste training course, but she was chosen by chance to become an artiste in the TVB artiste training course. Margie Tsang was honored as a flower in the class because of her outstanding appearance and classical beauty. I was selected to join the radio station after graduation Stephen Chow co-host 430 Shuttle "Thus began officially.

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With her sweet and lovely smile, Margie Tsang won many people's love. In 1985, Margie Tsang starred in her first film, Fox Volant Of The Snowy Mountain, which was well known to The audience. Later, she and Tony Leung chiu-wai starred in the TV series of the new za brothers, and Margie Tsang became popular. Later, she also created many classic roles, such as Tony Leung chiu-wai's Yitiantulongji "Guo xiang", "the dove of hope" of "koizumi saint - mei" and so on.

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Now, Margie Tsang has shifted the focus of her work to hosting, among which "to the heart of the woman", "happy man donghua","DilAashnaHai (... TheHeartKnows)Shows such as "" are very popular. Margie Tsang had a good career, but a little emotional ups and downs. Margie Tsang, 17, is a lively, outgoing, cheerful and funny woman who attracts Tony Leung chiu-wai, 20. The two began a long, six-year relationship. It is said that Margie Tsang and Tony Leung chiu-wai got together many times, and eventually when her best friend Carina Lau intervened, the two separated completely. It is often said that fire, theft, and girl friend, this seems to be not unreasonable.

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Margie Tsang's smile is still irresistible and, though she is a mother, it still retains its charm. After dating Tony Leung chiu-wai for six years, Margie Tsang and her best friend Carina Lau have become strangers. Now her son is tall and handsome, which makes her proud! Even though Tony Leung chiu-wai and Carina Lau have been in love for more than 20 years, it is a pity that they are childless so far.

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