10th golden broom awards season 3 vote starts tony leung chiu-wai lau kar-ling is on the list

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 Linkeddb News October 09  

The 10th golden broom awards season 3 begins voting

To avoid missing films, the golden broom awards starts each season this year, with films and individuals who qualify each season entering the final shortlist early next year.

The nominations for the third season of the 10th golden broom awards (Chinese language films, July 1-september 30, 2018) have been announced!

This season's golden broom nominations include both "cry Wolf" and "eat dog" Orangelove ", which is also considered to be one of the worst pieces ever written by happy mahua.Hello, Mrs. Money",Bao Bei 'erHis debut novel Fat man squad There is no suspense to let the audience down, there is a film emperorTony Leung Chiu waiThe franchise is still going to be a bad movie. European Raiders "...

Next year (2019) marks the 10th anniversary of the golden broom awards. In addition to choosing the most disappointing film of 2018, we will add special awards such as "the most disappointing film of the decade, the most disappointing director, the most disappointing male and female actor". Stay tuned.

电影《<a data-id=Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu"Poster. PNG" title=" poster for the movie "Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu." PNG "/>

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Poster for the third quarter of the 10th golden broom awards. PNG

Poster for the film

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