The snow monster adventure “” go together" edition mv of the hearts circle of powder age

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Linkeddb News October 18

" Snow Monster Adventure "" hand in hand" version of MV  Adorable fans all age media gush "did not expect!"

Snow Monster Adventure, a Hollywood fantasy Adventure film produced by warner bros. pictures, is released today. "Professional singer" performed "the voice of snow mountain" in a happy way. There are more than a lot of wonderful films packed and released, when the cute snow monster meets the foot man, different worlds collide with each other, only brave hand in hand, will have a beautiful tomorrow! The joke story and education meaning of the film deeply moved the first wave of Chinese audiences, media big V thumb up in succession, lian said "unexpectedly", "unexpectedly good-looking!" Called "Snow Monster Adventure" the most age-appropriate heartwarming cartoon, it not only makes people laugh, but also makes adults think. The advance sale of the film has already begun, on October 19 into the movie city, a warm and happy snow mountain adventure trip is about to start!

Humans live in harmony with snow monsters. JPG

Miko friends walk hand in hand. JPG

"The voice of snow mountain" Bravely go hand in hand to warm hearts

Today's "hand-in-hand" video is a big talent show for all the cute things in xueshan, girl Koyuki Strange first come on stage, the star fan very much raise microphone, with the real singer CYN came a "god synchronization" performance, wonderful interpretation of "snow mountain sound", cheerful and moving melody and small body posture is refreshing. Migo is also unflappable, with a lovely freestyle twist, and slay takes his optimistic, cheerful personality to the extreme. Accompanied by the lyrics "the world will be more beautiful because of our bravery, but no matter how the world changes, as long as we are together, do not let go... The wonderful pictures of the films came out one by one. Snow monster and human finally meet, brave rice fruit, mi qi and other snow monster together hand in hand, in order to pursue the truth and a better world, opened a series of laughing and unceasing adventure, the two species finally broke through barriers and put aside prejudice, came together. Go to the cinema this Friday to witness the beautiful snow mountain adventure together!

Migos intrude into the human world panicked. JPG

Adults and children each have a hi spot. "I didn't know!

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Since its release, Snow Monster Adventure has captivated audiences with its hilarious painting style, hilarious plot and heart-warming connotation, and its global box office has topped 100 million us dollars. Recently, the film was held in China in advance of the media and the big V thumb up, the film is not a simple laugh animation, has really achieved the circle fan all age. "Unexpectedly good-looking! The children see the joy in this work, the great character of the deep meaning." "It's totally beyond the size of an animated movie. More than expected, recommended!" "A movie that makes people think in laughter." "" it is always courage and kindness that breaks prejudice and imprisons. It's perfect for the whole family!" And the film's super funny plot and unexpected trend elements also make everyone pleasantly surprised repeatedly, crazy praise "did not expect!" "I didn't expect so many punchlines. Very lovely! "It's all over the place. It's all funny. You laugh and you weep and you think about life." "The rap slay from the middle village chief!" How does "Snow Monster Adventure" make everyone obsessed? On October 19, go to the theater to find out!

Snow Monster Adventure, a fantasy Adventure animated film produced by warner bros. films, by "" money boss" " Channing Tatum ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle), NBA superstar LeBron James , charm goddess Zendaya ("Spider - Man: Homecoming), famous comedians James Corden (Peter rabbit) with a heartfelt voice, it will be released nationwide on October 19. Presale has fully opened, big foot small foot in the world, invite you to walk together with joy!

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