Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

Ever Night(TV)[2018]

Episode: 60 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Feiyu Chen S.Ireine Adam Cheng More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Yang Yang Year: 2018
Writer: Run Xu Genre: Ancient costume | Mystery
Producer: Yang Yang

《Ever Night》Episodes

“Ever Night” told a legendary of Ning Que. An ordinary civilian’s struggle history. Original novel is based on a cultivation world,but more than cultivation stories. There is a prediction in this cultivation world”Ever night comes,human hell arrived”. Fresh soldier Ning Que wanted to find out and revenge the murderer who killed his family. Take his childhood friend Sang Sang to the capital. After his hard working,he became a general and leading the army defeat enemy country’s invasion.Then he found out the black hand kill his family,the boss Hao Tian planed all the stuff and robed Sang Sang away. He told Ning that Sang is the host of Ever Night, the most important part of Ever Night project. Hao Tian wanted to control Sang active Ever Night destroy the world and rebuild it to be new world’s lord. Ning Que had a duel with Hao Tian and beat him save the world. There is no Ever Night anymore, Ning and Sang left together and had a happy end.

Plot Summary>>

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