Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Character Relationships

TV《Ever Night》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Ever Night》 Character Relationships:

《Ever Night》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Ning Que

Ning Que, a soldier of the border army, took the heavy responsibility of saving the world in order to help the unfortunate family members to come to the capital, from the "cutting wood of the lake" to the 13th president of the academy and finally the guardian of the Tang Dynasty. Ups and downs of the road to growth, there are also passionate pride of life. Ning Que's character set is free and easy, relentless love, revenge, revenge, growth in the war, with a strong spirit of resistance.

Sang Sang

Sang Sang is a maid of Ning Que, although nominally a maid, in fact more like a relative, and Ning Que each other's life, Ning Que is the most important person, and Sang Sang's identity is not simple

Fu Zi

The Academy's pioneers and the world's most powerful, to see every taste and taste 100, will be able to enjoy the peony because of its delightful delicacies, but also because of drink to drink wine and wine indignant rebuttal. He knew destiny, but unyielding destiny, Haotian is his only "rival" in his long life. At the same time, he is also a good teacher. He has also given Ning Que the motto of "Gentleman" and educated Ning Que for life.

Ye HongYu

Wonderful world famous woman. The world of three crazy idiot, unselfish, love and hate. Although unparalleled appearance of the world, but tenaciously bent on cultivation, without having to rely on an independent female representatives of others. Troublesomely troubling human nature knows very soon suffered a setback, her character is therefore more apathetic. Ye HongYu and Ning Que took the "revolutionary friendship" jointly practiced. However, the difference in their positions led to the gradual evolution of the relationship between the two of them as "friendship and friendship"

Li Yu

Long princess Li Yu, "Fish happy with fish, firewood firewood smile", named after the poem from the poem Li Yu as the princess Tang, the character is not as the poem refers to the general status quo, she Fenghua It was an age-old and ambitious. At the age of nineteen, he took the initiative to marry the Golden Chamber and two years later returned to the capital because of her husband's death. The early morning of the Empire started from her return journey.

Mo ShanShan

"The world is three crazy," the "bookworm", exquisitely carved, delicate and open-minded, Mo ShanShan pure and transparent state of mind not only reflected in the appearance of repair, but also in the face of the attitude of love frankly clear. Teacher Mo ShanShan out of pool Court extraordinary talent, is the world's oldest diviner. Since childhood, the love of calligraphy of famous calligraphy makes her acquaintance with Ning Que as her "destiny". Then with Ning Que common experience of a test of life and death continue to narrow the distance between the two

Li ManMan

As Fu Zi's first disciple, the image of the great brother born out of Confucius seventy-two disciples Yankees back, gentle and elegant, elegant and free and easy, but also people's name, acting light and thoughtful but thoughtful, seemingly "slow Slow ", but in fact has the fastest speed among the world practice strong.

Ma ShiXiang

As the youngest governor in Weicheng, Ning Que is a "grace of knowing and befriended" to Ning Que. As a native of China, he is an innocent "Tang." He is magnificent, self-reliant and calm. He is brave and resolute on the battlefield, Witty humor is the presence of Ning Que half-brother.

Xia Hou

Strong and straightforward and unruly Juggernaut ambitious, Xia Hou is not a mere villain, although he has a brutal violent side, but he also has the helplessness of the controlled. In his heart, he wanted both the softness of guardianship and the pride he could shake. In essence, Xia Hou is but an ambitious but step-by-step error, so poor step by step, he will also farewell confrontation Ning Que fate and Ning Que.

Lu ChenJia

Among the three idiots in the world, "anthomaniac" is a person who loves life as a flower and is also a beauty who looks like a flower.

Long Qing

The two princes of Yan State, who are gifted practitioners of the younger generation, are regarded as "children of light."

Mu You

No introduction

Liu Bai

Called the Juggernaut, Fu Zi ascend days after the first human powerhouse, the name appears in the front of the Japanese word volume, took over the jiange of the Lord, has been to suppress the Hedgehog hole in his mind does not break through the five mood. Although five environment, but far better than five environment above all. This life is never respectable, but not afraid of people, the only bowed worship Fu Zi students.

Wei GuangMing

Xiling Shrine bright god official. Receive Sang Sang as a disciple. In the end, he died in a war against Yan Se and handed Sang Sang a voucher for the Great God of Light. Five before death into the apocalypse, glimpse the secret to understand the original Sang Sang is Pluto's daughter, smile died.

Ye Su

No introduction

Shu Tong

No introduction

Chao XiaoShu

Chao XiaoShu, the so-called dragon-paw who called the "Spring Pavilion Pavilion," expresses his love for nature and takes the slightest slogan. Although closely related to the emperor Li Zhongyi, but still in the face of power can hold their own principles, Ning Que's friendship is also impressive.

Cao ZhiFeng

No introduction



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