Fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelwald' reveals what the 'after a long time' version of beasts might look like as it tells old friends to recreate a magical feast with new animals.

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Linkeddb News November 30& have spent By harry potterJ.K. rowlingThe new bookFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldAt present, the box office has exceeded 370 million yuan, the box office continues to grow at the same time the topic heat is not decreased, hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizarding school once again become the focus of people's attention, even voldemort also enjoy the popularity of the film on the hot search! The film today exposed a "long time to meet again" version of the trailer, with people to review rowling to create the magic world of those familiar with the "old friends", and this brings new animal partners, top magic feast blood hi fire, comprehensive detonated feelings, people can not help but think of two brush brush brush this touched and shocked.

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& have spent An old friend brings a new story and then a new animal emerges.

The "long time no see" version of the trailer for the reappearance of the film's old friends and new animals, newt, Tina opened a new adventure journey, looking for the "back to life" of creedens, and the wizards together against the successful escape of the dark devil Ge Wang Linde. Dumbledore's youthful appearance and reappearance with the audience make him "the most familiar stranger," and the fact that he performed a blood brotherhood ceremony with grindelwald also makes him one of the movie's greatest attractions. In addition, MaJi Jacob and queenie CP for the bread, to continue their love journey across the identity, the difficulties with sweet abuse, and Clayton, also found a new ally, later to follow voldemort viper nagini, Inuit elder brother Theseus and Inuit former girlfriend rita engaged, groups of CP new stories are, viewers to see an animated movies. And outstanding new animals show the same wonderful, China fb Zou my crazy lift "big cat" trend, sniff with a nest of baby 'strike, burly soft animal creature, natural expression emperor bligh birds, horse, always "fire" force of flame tail lizard, modelling eyes kappa, gives people a sense of magic again magnificent absolute in the world, could not help but two brush again "newt zoo"!

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 The magic feast is so hot that it burns the senses

After all, The Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald's magical Beasts have been described as "The Beasts of Beasts" online. Johnny Depp , Jude Law Two big male gods share a stage to drape drama, exterior drape cruel and handsome crazily, acting skill is exquisite, and the dumbledore of boyhood, grindelwald also retained completely unexpectedly "harry potter" series original class person, make Harley fan excitement screams. Film magic scene was more and combustion, the opening is green, walter on gallop thestrals carriage with many staged air fighting an enemy, then the magic magic circus, Inuit and putting powders, under Zou I jumped in the escape from the French ministry of magic shock scenes such as a bright, and finally the tomb of magic, but blood burning, magic regiment war particularly exciting! After seeing "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald," nearly all of The Beasts' fans said they wanted to return to hogwarts, so much so that after seeing The film, many of them went back to see The eight harry potter movies. Even after seeing The film, driven by The original Ge Wang lindelwald, The younger voldemort was also on The trending news. "The magic of the wizarding world lies in what they learn in school and what they use later. With the weekend just around the corner, there's nothing quite like walking into a movie theater and seeing old friends from the wizarding world again.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald David Yates Directed, Eddie Redmayne , Katherine Waterston , Dan Fogler , Alison Sudol , Ezra Miller Jude Law and Johnny Depp co-star, the film is the national premiere, immediately buy tickets, return to the magic world to witness the legendary peak of the battle!

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