Fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelwald' as much as anything, after all, about what's going on in the movie over the weekend. watch it a few times and you'll still be surprised."

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Linkeddb News November 26& have spent By harry potterJ.K. rowlingThe new bookFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald"Is being released nationwide, and the film has grossed 300 million yuan at the box office. It has become the most concerned" phenomenon-level blockbuster "with the attitude of a frequent visitor to the search list on weibo. In different skills of fb, cool magic war, dumbledore, and green, the abuse of friendship, colorful delicate clothing accessories, etc., have become a hot topic, and with the arrival of the weekend, the film to reviving the audience viewing the enthusiasm, "the second brush" panic took hold, netizens also from more fascinating to watch the film and dug surplus, following Johnny Depp , Jude Law After waiting for old brand male god, the "little fresh meat" such as kelham Turner, jamie Campbell · boyer is same circle pink ceaseless, magic male group glamour is extraordinary, the heat that the movie sees a bit does not decrease!

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& have spent Two brush wonderful as before & NBSP; Digging a stalk is super fun

After its release on Nov. 16, "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" has seen its ticket sales climb at The box office and long held The top spot on weibo, making it a "phenomenal blockbuster" with much attention. As the weekend approaches, many audiences once again walk into the cinema "two brushes", and even some die-hard fans finish 12 brushes in a short week, the strength of the clock! With everyone's review, more exciting points in the film have also been excavated, careful fans will be the film and the "harry potter" series for a detailed comparison found: the big devil is willing to lay hands on children, such as grindelwald and baby, voldemort and swaddling harry; When newt enters the French magic world, the shops on the streets resemble the Paris version of diagon alley. The location of newt's house in London is the same as the location of Sirius's house... "Newt was so scared of his desk when he was dealing with bogart in defense against the dark arts class that he said he couldn't stand the boring work. Ha, ha, ha!" "Aunt luo threw out more mysteries this time, the journey is still continuing, the magic world has been in, a brush is really not enough, want to apply for a single loop play"!

 Small fresh meat strength circle powder newt brothers super suction eyeball

In "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald," Jude Law as dumbledore and Johnny Depp as Grindelwald "fall in love and kill" as Beasts of Beasts in The audience, as well as The two magic legends of The male gods crazy circle fans. At the same time, the actor that ACTS 2 people teenager period small fresh meat also depends on super appearance level, actual strength reaps girl heart. The film follows the original cast of the harry potter films, jamie Campbell Boyle, who played grindelwald and dumbledore in harry potter and the deathly hallows Toby Regbo "As well as being featured in" Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, "which featured new scenes of The two characters' youthful lives, with fingers clasped in a blood oath, and fans screaming and calling out about their youthful antics. And scamander brothers also depend on person handsome leg is long, become the "brother CP" that the fan enters hole in succession. As newt Eddie Redmayne In the prestigious eton andPrince William, Duke of CambridgeIt is classmate, put rich family improper however, the road that went up Oscar best actor on the age is young, become England outstanding student to fasten acting to send another delegate figure, make global tens of thousands of fans worship in his "small freckle" below. Theseus card and play the role of Inuit brother Salem Turner, the superb performance also crazy circle powder, "to see the final newt brother and insert the wand with the ground, two handsome cried" "I didn't think Inuit elder brother also has a van so handsome, not the kui is a model that suits, coats how a good-looking" "real-name envy rita, continued to fall in love with the handsome out of the sky brother!" It's worth mentioning that, although callum played his brother, he was eight years younger than Eddie! The off-screen tidbits are equally interesting. No wonder everyone sighs that "fantastic beasts are poisonous. They are not tired of seeing them.

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