Fantastic beasts: the crime of grindelwald' reveals that j.k. rowling has revealed the origin of china's amazing animals special in person.

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Harry potter author J.K. rowling's new "fantastic beasts: the crime of grindelwald" has unveiled a lengthy trailer for the film at the San Diego comic-con. Today's party particularly exposure fb special in China, the author J.K. rowling blockbuster, personally to the Chinese audience revelation Zou I (z not u Wu's origins, and its connection to the hero, newt, are beginning to emerge. The film will be released worldwide on November 16, 2018.

J.K. rowling personally revelation Zou we detail the ancient god beast mysterious relationship with newt

In the video released the new programme, through close-up shows Zou my whole, its huge size, hair colors, these big round eyes, four sharp fangs out from mouth curved, surprisingly long curly and gorgeous tail. The myth shanhaijing Zou we come from China, the book description on it so: "if a big tiger, five mining until tomorrow." It is not only large, but also extremely powerful, fast, able to travel thousands of miles a day. In the special, when it appeared on city streets, the roar scared away a crowd of passersby, except for freckled actor newt, who met him head-on with a wand as if pacification were a confrontation. J.K. rowling has revealed: "it's scary, but to newt it's like a big cat. Only newt can tame and take care of this beast. That description has left its relationship with newt in doubt, leaving viewers wondering and hoping.

Small freckles also for Zou we call god beast is a net friend looking forward to China

He played newt scamander at the San Diego comic-con earlier this yearEddie RedmayneIn an interview with the media, has talked about Zou us: "in the trailer we saw a Chinese god beast, it's called Zou I, I also try to communicate with it." Freckles also expressed hope that Chinese audiences will not miss the film. Netizens for Zou we also look forward to full, but hope can as soon as possible on the big screen to see the magic Zou my performance, but also for its modelling praise continuously: "Zou we fall hanhou of this feeling, Chinese ancient god beast, cool wind, looking forward to the film!"

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