“Adventure Wyssley's Blue Blood Man” Raquel is in love “Blinking his eyes and kisses” and kisses him to push his boyfriend. Is this love?

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When I was bored, I saw a “kissing” video in a swimming pool. The protagonist was wuli da Raquel . The most surprising thing was that she fell in love or “kicked her eyes and kissed” and kissed her boyfriend and she was still in shape. Spicy, still look so arrogant;

After a closer look, it was discovered that this was a trailer for the science fiction suspense drama " Adventure King Wesley of the Blue Blood ". The scene in the film was in the pool;

The heroine is Raquel's role as a cloud actor. The actor is Dr. Luo, who is played by Philip Ng . The two men and women were formerly male and female friends. After the breakup, they met again and they did not say two things. The kisses were one by one.

What impressed me most was the scene of Daqi Raquel's “wonderful kiss”. I saw her kissing Philip Ng passionately while she was charming and winking. Her appearance was very ecstatic and deafening.

After the kiss, when Philip Ng wanted to speak, Raquel gently pushed the man into the pool with a push, and a splash of waves filled the screen. It also ruffled our hearts;

I saw Daxie smiled slightly back and forth. She was dressed in a red swimsuit and had a hot body. There was almost no lines. It was just a look. An action interprets the character's temperament and the charm of the outside. There is a kind of death and silence. Silent feeling;

In fact, as a newly added role in the popular IP work "The Adventure King Wyssler's Blue Blood", Raquel will play the role of Yun Xian, who will replace Deng Shi, who was played by Gordon Lam and who will be downline in the first quarter of the "Leap Man" finale. In the second quarter, "destroy";

According to reports, the character prototype of the role of “Cloudy Dragonfly” refers to the corner of the villain Joey Huang played by Michelle Reis in the 1993 sci-fi drama “The Original Chivalry” starring Dawn, Michelle Reis and others. The two similarly pronounced names of "" and "Joy Huang" can be seen one by one;

These two characters are the villains in the eyes of the masses, but they all fall in love with the "righteousness", and they both sacrifice and sacrifice for their own love, from the various forms of destruction that occurred when they first appeared to the later ones;

Joey Huang, played by Michelle Reis, is chilling and glamorous. Raquel plays a sturdy, arrogant manner. “Bad but affectionate” and “Bad and very lovable” may be the best definition for them.

8 o'clock tomorrow night, Raquel "Adventure King Wesley of the Blue Blood" will be on the line, you will go to see it?

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