Raining King Wei SiLis Blue Blood Man' by Raquel blocked the Philip Ng bullet.

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Today, the sci-fi suspense drama Adventure King Wei SiLis Blue Blood Man will be closed. In the finale, Yun Xiao, played by 90-year-old Xiaoqing Raquel , was killed for the rescue of John the Apostle ( Philip Ng ). At the last moment of my life, Yun Shen was seriously injured and cherished the tears of her lover. Although I did a lot of bad things, I never stopped loving you. The abuse of heart beat the audience to tears. Many netizens frequently made barrage. : This is a very original vibration!

Original Vibrations vs. Adventure King Wei SiLis Blue Blood Man

According to reports, "The original Chivalrous Person" is a sci-fi drama starring Ming Lim and Michelle Reis in 1993. In the play, Ding Zhen, the actor who played at Dawn, is a martial arts doctor with a high reputation, and Michelle Reis plays Joey Huang . A lot of things that have done a lot of bad things for rights and status. She was the true love of former Zhen Xia (Li Wing) but he repeatedly pushed him away and eventually died to save the former.

In the same game, in Adventure King Wei SiLis Blue Blood Man, John The Apostle played by Philip Ng and former Zhen Xia played by Dawn are also high-powered, unscrupulous doctors who do whatever they do. They are always in love, and loved by Raquel and Joey Huang played by Michelle Reis is also a woman full of desire and wildness, leaving the doctor boyfriend to follow a series of rights with the richest man, and after doing many bad things will eventually die. In the lover's arms.

Raquel gives the role a successful ending

From Yun Xiao and Joey Huang, these two forms are of the same tone. The names of these two rhymes can be traced to the intricate connection between the two sentiments. Many people who have seen the original Zhen Xia look at Adventure King Wei again. SiLis Blue Blood Man will be able to understand the relationship between Yunxiao and John the Apostle, lovers of "love and lingering love" from beginning to end. In the end.

Since the "Raining King Wei SiLis Blue Blood Man" aired, Raquel debuted with an overbearing villain, with wavy hair and glamorous makeup. He performed the best performance of the wild sister who performed well. It is very influential on the emotional handling of the delicate and influential, outstanding performance also highlights its strong plasticity, in the finale to give the role to a successful conclusion but also left a deep impression on the audience.

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