The Adventures of Wyssley's Blue Blood Man' Three Blues of Wesley's Blues Janice Man Raquel Philip Ng has a prototype

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Yesterday, the science fiction suspense drama " Adventure Wyssley's Blue Blood Man " officially launched iQi . In addition to continuing the emotional development of the first quarter of "Self Man", in the second quarter, Janice Man played "Blue." The main characters of the three main characters of the Blood People's Fang Tianya, Raquel 's Lost Reason after Being Invaded by Virus and John The Apostle played by Philip Ng have prototype reference characters, which is also a feature of the play. .

Janice Man version of "Blue Blood Star" VS Rosamund Kwan version of "Blue Blood Star"

Different from Rosamund Kwan's cool and interspersed interstellar life form "Blue Blood Star", Janice Man's version of the blue blood is gentle and pure. In the 300-plus years of the earth, he only sought the whereabouts of his lover, Loka. Unexpectedly, Loka suffered a virus infection. Turned into an evil careerist, Fang Tianya gradually fell in love with Wesley's acquaintance, gradually fell in love with him, and ended up with Rocca to stop the plan to destroy the earth.

Philip Ng Edition John the Apostle VS Dawn Edition Original Vibrations

In addition, the other two characters in the play "Love Kills" are the men and women of John the Apostle (Philip Ng) and Yun Lan (Raquel). They are referenced by Dawn and Michelle Reis in 1993. In the sci-fi drama “Formerly Chivalrous Person”, the original vibrations played by Li Ming and Joey Huang played by Michelle Reis come from. John John Apostle and former Zhen Xia are all doctors and are highly skilled, dedicated and infatuated. Like Joey Huang, it was all infuriated by reason of the virus, and it eventually faded.

Joey Huang of Rachel version VS Michelle Reis

In order to pay tribute to the classics, the characters can snoop on the name, Raquel plays the sky, Michelle Reis plays Joey Huang, the two names are of the same form, the rhythm of the tone, and both of them are infused with viruses. The glamorous high cooling is in the bottom of my heart. Keeping a soft one, on the other hand, Yunan and Luo John the Apostle from the break up to peace, and then break up and reconciliation, and each and every encounter with a variety of "kissing", the two seemingly ruthless is actually sentimental feelings The play is also a lot of fierce, full of sight.

After the characters such as Janice Man, Raquel, Philip Ng, and the background were well-trained, the second season "Blue Blood" created a more realistic visual effect. The crew travelled to Cambodia to photograph the ancient dynasty and aliens in the play. The combination of advanced ideas, whether it is to take more and more shooting scenes, or cool sci-fi images, make the play full of texture.

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