Secret Shawn Yue Janice Man Raquel Philip Ng Blue Blood Human Character Creation Background

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Secret Shawn Yue Janice Man Raquel Philip Ng

The sci-fi adventure net “ Adventure King Wei SiLi ” went online exclusively on April 9th. It has exceeded 200 million broadcasts so far and is popular among netizens. The second season, “Blue King of Adventure King Wei Si Li” will From April 24th to Tuesday at 20:00 each free update of two episodes, members first look at a season, and many new and familiar characters will appear in the new season "Blue Blood".

Shawn Yue plays "The Ninth Generation" Wesley

The Wesleyan series is a science fiction adventure novel narrated by Hong Kong science fiction writer Ni Kuang in the first person. Previously, the Wesleyan series has already had many remakes. Shawn Yue is following Chow Yun-fat's version of the original Zhen Xia and Wesley, and Samuel. Hui version of The Wesleyan Legend, Gallen Lo version of Wesley, Andy Lau version of Wesley’s Blue Blood, Nicky Wu version of Juvenile Wesley, Chin Ka-lok version of Wesley’s Overlord, Michael Tao version "The Detective Wesley", Waise Lee's version of "The Old Cat of Wesley" appeared in "The Ninth Generation" Wesley.

Janice Man plays the second generation of "Blue Blood Man" Fang Tianya

In the second season "Blue King of Adventure King Wei SiLi", Janice Man will star in "The Blue Blood Man" Fang Tianya. This is also the second generation of "Blue Blood Man" following Rosamund Kwan's version of "The Blue Blood of Wesley." "Fang Tianya, different from Rosamund Kwan's cool and touching interstellar life entity, the "Blue Blood Star", Janice Man's version of the blue blood is gentle and pure, but in the three hundred years of the earth it was only looking for the whereabouts of his lover, Loka, but it wasn't surprising. Card was infected with a virus and turned into an evil careerist. Fang Tianya gradually fell in love with Wesley’s acquaintance.

Raquel plays the Prototype Prototype with reference to Michelle Reis

In addition to Wesley and Fang Tianya, in the second season, "Blue King of Adventure King Wei SiLi," there are many characters that have been adapted from classic characters. Raquel played the cloud in the play is such an existence, her The prototype is a sci-fi version of the original fiction from Ni Kuang's novel of the same name, "The Original Chivalrous Person". Michelle Reis plays Huang Fei, one is Yun Yun and the other is Joey Huang . The two names are the same in shape, rhyming with the tone, and the same as the villain. A time-honored person sacrifices for love, a persistent obsessive lover does not regret, Michelle Reis and Raquel who can make you more tempted.

Philip Ng plays the prototype of John the Apostle

Like Raquel's cloudscape, Philip Ng played John the Apostle in the second season, "The Blue Blood of Adventure King Wei Sili," also referring to the original Zhen Xia played by Dawn in the sci-fi drama "The Original Chivalry." Both of them are young and promising doctors. They all follow Wesley’s brothers who are born and dying. They also have strange experiences and twists and turns. But unlike Li Ming and Michelle Reis, who are from the enemy to the lover, Philip Ng and Raquel are exactly the same. Instead, they gradually move from being loved to hostile, although they love each other and love each other.

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