sea spring again as host to set the risk of collapse? I've seen my lover's cell phone."

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The second season of the hit show, raise your glass, starts this seasonPeople also askContinue to serve as the host of the program, pick alone, with hu drinks to help all friends promote the happy gathering culture. The first guest, haiquan, invited friendsJane ZhangCome and chat.

Big brother is full of style, through small details to see the real brother

& have spent In this programme, Tom cruise continues to follow the lead of the first season's big brotherRyan Zuo,Law Offices of Nan shen-immigration, Trust, Family and Business Laws,Di Yang,Wang CongThe "hu gang" formed by the group is the host, andJane Zhangis welcome. As a former schoolmate, haiquan took good care ofJane Zhangin the program. As a big brother in the music industry, he also showed his meticulous care in every detail of the program. After all the guests drink chat, ocean spring took the bottle, silently to present each artist to pour wine, jade hosting style, rigorous thinking, listen carefully to the guests to share every drip, reveal the music eldest brother.

Haiquan hand "tore" Di Yang, but after the face of the black cake.

This season, hu continues to play the hehe card with guests. This season hehe card game method upgrades, the punishment measure also has the change.

In the first episode of the program,Di Yangwas punished for the first time, and the punishment mode was to tear open the "tear" with haiquan on the spot! In the program, Di Yang's emoticons were turned on again, and she almost cried when she learned that she was going to be torn by leg hair.

When gun elder brother with hair removal sticker toreDi Yangafter the legs of the gun elder brother himself face be reluctant,Di Yangpants moment missed a square, as ocean of the eldest brother seeDi Yangafter torn thigh can not love dearly.

& have spent Ocean spring to imitateWu BaiJane Zhang sang "the most beautiful" because her eyes guessed it

"Die Zheng Wang bully", they were playing impersonators, gun elder brother sing, singing a known Zhi Zhou's "most beautiful", but it is hid from the site all people, "the most beautiful" butJane Zhangguess: gun elder brother in imitation of artists is a singer Wu Bai. But Jane Zhang, the scene also said that his guess is not just because of singing, she said, his many friends have imitated Wu Bai, ocean eyes very vividly, oneself once knew that imitation is Wu Bai. Later,Jane Zhangalso imitated a short paragraph of Wu Bai's representative works. "Both she and liang ying have played on site at the bar, so it's no surprise that they will imitate other singers.

& have spentPeople also askandJane Zhangtalk about love view

For the first time, the host of haiquan worked very hard, but he almost let his own people collapse because of a small matter. In the game,People also askrevealed that he had peeked at his lover's mobile phone.

After the game, haiquan andJane ZhangShared their thoughts on "love and marriage". As a social animal, he says, costs are taken into account, so many marriages are maintained not just by affection, but by cost. Although a social animal, but I believe in love, believe in marriage, because a person who has lost the ability to love is not happy.

At the end of the show, he also said that if you use a state to describe himself, it is: tired but not tired. This year'sYu Quan,Opening stores, touring, variety shows and new songs all seem to be progressing in an orderly manner. Although sometimes he feels tired, he doesn't feel tired. He says it's a life he really enjoys.

This season the glasses ha ha drink, also will continue to uphold the gathered culture spirit and we meet every week, to play in the show and your friends play the harp and sing, and drank the wine chatting is the most happy thing, though.

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