The most enjoyable rock scene Wu Bai tour "Comprehensive confrontation" Beijing station was a complete success

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The Wu Bai & China Blue 2018 rock classic “Complete Showdown” Beijing concert ended successfully on the evening of June 23rd. In the 26 years since he entered the military, the 6th Beijing concert has been abandoned. They have still brought amazing rock scenes to the audience and brought a spectacular audio-visual feast to the audience! This concert is a further upgrade of the rock classic! Let all the classic rock ignite, in the summer of Beijing's "Comprehensive confrontation!"

The live interactive wave dance is fun Wu Bai invites you to complete the showdown

Since the opening of the show, they have firmly grasped the hearts of each fan's friends. Five exquisite magic cubes on the stage landed slowly, echoing the LED video animation MV, destroying and rebuilding the entire city. It was very shocking, with the first music. When it sounded, there was an extremely warm cheering. Wu Bai's creative performance always makes people clapping. The fans who are on the scene are also extremely enthusiastic, and they launch waves in the stands. With the waves of people sweeping the audience, the atmosphere of the scene has become more active. This is also a rare scene seen at the concert. Afterwards, in the song "You Are My Flower", Wu Bai & China Blue even led all the friends on the spot to stand up and dance "Flower Dance." The "BOSS is handsome" response is endless, and the excellent interaction has brought unprecedented sensory experience. It really belongs to the "Comprehensive confrontation" between Wu Bai and the fans.

Wu Bai is the favorite rock hit fans

The live dance theme with the theme is also a rendering atmosphere for the performance. Wu Bai & China Blue brings a series of classic songs such as “Ranger Love Song”, “ NorwoodWood ” and “The Lone Bird” to the scene. Signature guitar SOLO with deep lyrics brings a handsome classic scene. The songs such as “Breeze” are using unplugged fresh styles. “Sudden Self” and “Passive” are detonating the whole chorus. The climax of the entire performance continues and one after another. Make all the fans who come to the scene hooked! Wu Bai is even more eloquent in expressing love for rock songs. The songs that continue to bring the audience's inner feelings are gradually filling up, and all people are moved. It also pushed the atmosphere of the scene to the highest point. After the fans shouted in unison, Wu Bai finally returned to the stage to sing two Encore “ BOSS ” and “Last Dance” to hear fans fascinated!

Wu Bai & China Blue, who has become the military's 26th anniversary, will continue to provide fans with exciting news and look forward to your next rock night!

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