Wu Bai's Beijing tour station is about to open the rock godfather in June to invite you to "Comprehensive confrontation."

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On June 23, 2018, the “Comprehensive showdown” Beijing concert of the godfather of Chinese-style hardcore rock Wu Bai & China Blue 2018 will be sang at the People ’s Center (formerly Wukesong Gymnasium). It is understood that the concert has now gone through Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xining, Dalian and other provinces and cities. The performances at the Beijing Railway Station have also been invoiced and are now fully prepared. I hope that each song can Punch your soul and heart. This domineering concert will lead the fans to enjoy the real rock and roll Don Wong !

Civilian superstars of the era conquer your heart with music alone

Wu Bai is the “King of Live King” in the Chinese music circle. Since his debut in 1990, he has sang all of Taiwan’s music festivals, Pub, and Live House in only 4 years. His works have won numerous awards. Thousands of performances over the years, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Australia and other places have caused a sensation. Wu Bai is not a superstar created by highly sophisticated packaging. In contrast, Wu Bai is “becoming a civilian star of the era with his own music”. This seemingly simple statement actually explains why in the past 28 years, Wu has become Wu. Bai's momentum has remained high. At the West Lake Music Festival, Wu Bai was on the stage with cheers. The performance was completely infected with the audience! In the singing of the song, Wu Bai adapted the lyrics according to the location of the performance, which is full of sincerity! It is believed that Wu Bai & China Blue will once again join forces with the fans to collaborate with the "KTV" scene at the live show of "Comprehensive confrontation". This will ensure surprises and excitement.

Dance U.S. IN Inverts Conventional Design

The concert featured a special performance by the beautiful modern dancers, giving the rock concert a more artistic sensibility and the presentation of power and beauty, bringing a more distinctive feeling. Vision will also subvert conventions, using the most popular fresh ideas of the moment. In addition to the most authentic rock scenes, it is also hoped that all friends will be spoiled for the sake of visual perception and leave unforgettable memories for everyone. The entire performance was also designed with extraordinary links and choreography, and the selection of songs will be selected and re-arranged among many classics, not only for those who have heard these songs in the blood of youth but also to relive the aftertaste. , but also strive to make more young people understand the most authentic rock.

Summer is approaching, Wu Bai & China Blue will bring the most powerful energy, the most exciting song list and the most dazzling stage performance with all the fans.

Wu Bai & China Blue 2018 rock classic "Comprehensive showdown" Beijing concert

Performance time: June 23, 2018 19:00

Venue: Beijing People also ask Luck Center (former Wukesong Gymnasium)

Performance Tickets: 980/680/480/280

Ticketing agent: barley network

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