Zhang mi temperament all white dress demonstrates intellectual goddess wind

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Linkeddb News November 2 & have spent White, it is the color that can show gentleness most, wearing used to colourful dress, sometimes whole white can stand out instead. Recently, tin hauMimiChange daily classic black dress up, a group of all white temperament dress up of street photograph exposure, already dry understanding, again the attractive breath with feminine dye-in-the-wood flavour.

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The exposure of the street, the mi elder sister body v-neck T-shirt is very eye-catching, waist belt design highlights and improved the waist line, languid is lazy and very capable, also highlights the perfect body proportion, soft, loose wide-legged pants, doubling the whole dress up fashion sense, mi elder sister with v-neck place again just right for the necklace, luxuriant metal accessories for modelling to new heights, can say is very clever, hollow out the foreign high heel sandals also collocation, with just the right amount of wind, like all white suit, can say is one of the Look of the necessary street snap, is also a fashion eternal law. Daily running water Marlon Brando In busy city, mi jie this kind of all white dress up as if added the fresh air of the city, build gentle and intellectual goddess wind!

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