Zhang mi is supporting her husband in the race for mayor of vancouver.

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Yesterday, vancouver local time on August 12, famous Chinese singer, known as the queen of fashion Mimi , accompanied her husband to appear at the Robinson square theater in downtown vancouver for the 2018 vancouver mayor's election conference. Zhang met her husband, Fred Harding, for eight years and has been married for a year. Born in Manchester, the "Chinese son-in-law" spent 13 years with the London police before moving to Canada where he spent 18 years with the vancouver police and served as a police press officer. He left the police department last year and went into business. He founded the Beijing chamber of commerce as chairman of the chamber of commerce. At the event, Mr. Fudd, who has become a businessman, formally announced his candidacy for mayor of vancouver in October.

Zhang has always appeared in the public eye as a counter to the growing queen, and her love life has always kept a low profile. As a result, the goddess 'marriage life has aroused the curiosity of many fans. The mysterious "Chinese son-in-law" was finally revealed at the vancouver mayoral election. It is reported that in such an international stage on the day, the couple's strength sprinkle sugar, zhang mi is always accompanied by her husband, to support her husband. At the conference, Mr. Fu Ed's innovative and internationalized economic strategy speech won applause again and again. It can be seen that zhang mi, as an influential public figure in China, has been making contributions to the communication of Chinese culture. Even his husband, a British gentleman, was influenced by zhang mi, showing deep love and respect for the extensive and profound Chinese culture. In fact, every year, zhang mi will also be the last guest to attend the "forest exposition" held in his hometown yichun.

Therefore, the Chinese people in vancouver are also very excited about this election due to the presence of zhang mi. Meanwhile, they are looking forward to this "Chinese son-in-law" who knows about Chinese culture! If Mr Fu wins the election, zhang mi will become the first chinese-american mayor's wife! For the goddess zhang mi, we can not help to send a sincere blessing, as well as China and the pride of the motherland!

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