The forest and the red roses! the queen's version of the wizard of oz

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Star news: recently Mimi The studio reveals a group of outdoor portraits by Huang Feng, a forest woman, wearing a long red dress with trailing tails. In the mysterious woods, she is like a beautiful red rose.

In recent years, the beauty and mystery of the forest has always been a hot trend for girls to pursue. Whether it is photo painting or wedding, the forest is a scene in every girl's dream. However, unlike the normal mori system, this photo of sister Mimi did not take a fresh air route, but a red dress, a forest queen. In a dark atmosphere, red enhances contrast with the background, such as a red rose in extreme bloom, standing tall in the forest. Modern urbanites almost every day in the city shuttle, take out free time to experience the change of seasons in nature hard, also do not have time to perceive the full bloom of numerous flowers and apoptosis, these too late to appreciate the fragile things, has been in nature alone blooming beauty but life. This time, the photo of mi jie seems to bring them to us. Each photo seems to observe the blooming of a red rose from a close distance.

It is not hard to have such beautiful and mysterious pictures as mi jie. It is easy to put down the trifles in your hands and go into the forest to feel the most real wizard of the green field and be your own queen once! I also look forward to more inspiration and beauty from sister Mimi!

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