Zhang mi mother and daughter demonstration light european and american makeup look and extremely simple wear match!

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 Linkeddb News October 11m.MimiI'm out with my daughter Roy. He is currently running for mayor of vancouver. This time zhang mi is also busy to steal time, mother and daughter two people again use their beautiful photo, brought us a set of super beautiful and practical beauty makeup and dress match! Mother and daughter are nearly the same perfect figure, the same style of wear and matching makeup, it is really enviable. Girls who love makeup must know that Asian girls are often less suited to European and American makeup. But mi jie's signature light European and American makeup look, like but dare not try the girls may as well try!

Zhang mi and her daughter's long black hair, the sun's natural skin color, with Oriental sexy beauty. Makeup look is light euramerican wind is no exaggeration, careful observation can discover, mi elder sister and daughter are to use oneself eyebrow form, slender and elegant Oriental eyebrow form, neutralize easily euramerican and Oriental makeup look characteristic, light smoke makeup and tide "eat earth" lip color, make the light euramerican makeup that suits Oriental jointly.

The minimalist look of the mother and daughter duo's vest top+ shorts not only matches well with makeup, but also highlights the good figure and long legs. It is also a combination that girls of any style can try. Pair it with a no go glitter jacket and a PVC jacket for a stylish take off! Add a pair of canvas shoes and a choker is cool! The girl that likes this kind of style is matched quickly!

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