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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald For Upcoming And Fun Acts

Sniffer will assist newt on a manhunt mission. JPG

Jacob will step into the world of fantastic beasts again. JPG

China fb Zou we alternately swagger and lovely. JPG

Linkeddb News October 26 By harry potter authorJ.K. rowlingNew novelFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald"Finding animals" has released a trailer for the film, showing viewers the unexpected surprises of many films. China fb Zou my lovely, suddenly behind reason was because funny cat bar; The young sniffers were amazed to appear, inheriting the cuteness and cuteness of sniffers. In addition, there are some humorous scenes, such as newt licking the street, Jacob's confusion curse, queenie hiding from the teapot, and newt's revenge on his brother. While the task of chasing grindelwald is dangerous and arduous, the lighthearted moments in the magical adventure are sure to be eye-opening for viewers. Go to the cinema to see the magical spectacle on November 16!

Related story nutt rides horse formation water monster gallops. JPG

Domineering Zou my second "meow star people" & have spent Small sniff "fly to the sky" cuteness everybody

A new trailer for "discover animals" shows viewers how much more amazing animals can be Liang Duo Eye moment. "Why do these strange creatures like you so much, newt?" rita asked. The trailer begins to reveal the "strangeness" of the fantastic animals one by one. The first appearance of the tree rook unbutton was "caught" on the spot, the panic and escape it can not help but laugh. China fb Zou I will let the audience "surprise", before a second also militantly proclaim it loud roar, one second after threw themselves at funny cat bar, stare big eyes of slip circle of the heart, so he is not just "meow star" descent, unexpected. But "like father, like son," how could the little sniffer survive the lure of shiny objects? Even the gold foil on the top of the champagne bottle was not spared, but was sent skyward by the bottle, which left newt dumbfounded and shocked the audience. In addition to these cuddly creatures, the sight of sniff helping newt on a mission, and the sight of newt galloping around on a horse -- presumably a fantastic animal carnival!

Larch bower button unbuttoned neutphalian eye. JPG

Koro will be adorable. JPG

Newt's hunt for a trick of humor & NBSP; The hunt is full of surprises

In addition to the amazing performances of the fantastic beasts, the film's leading actors also show different personalities in the trailer, adding a touch of humor to the adventure. New York's cat-teasing stunt has already dazzled, and he's been known to lick the streets on his knees, leaving viewers curious about his quest. Jacob's return will continue to create surprises, as a non-magical pock, only with a daze spell, not knowing what to expect this time around. Queenie, the bread couple's other half, is also charming and gentle in rejecting the teapot. "This was the best moment of my life," she said. The "enmity" between brothers is definitely worth looking forward to. What are some of the more surprising stories in the hunt for grindelwald? Here's your answer on November 16.

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