Iron blood tea city(TV)[2017]
Iron blood tea city(TV)[2017]
Iron blood tea city(TV)[2017]

Iron blood tea city(TV)[2017]

Episode: 47 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Siwei Wan Zhou Yi Tong Yongdai Ding More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Huang KeMin Year: 2017
Genre: The | Eliminate bandits

《Iron blood tea city》Episodes

The plot of the TV series "tie blood tea city" tells that in the early 1950's, guangxi just liberated 20 days, the kuomintang was not willing to defeat, sent secret agent zhong yu Lin into the strategic heavy land tea city in northern guiyang. Zhong yulin in the tea city to contact the remnants of the kuomintang, the bandits in the big tea mountain, as well as hidden in the communist party secret agents, ready to attack the tea city, the delusional lighting of the tea city as a base, to command the anti-communist forces in guangxi to retake guangxi, a full-scale counterattack on the mainland. Chung yu-lin gang robbed, assassinated and mutilated innocent people in the tea city area, became a group of political bandits. Mu JianChen, an army medic in the fourth, fourth, fourth and eighth company of the fourth field army of the people's liberation army, became a scapegoat in zhong yulin's plot. As a staunch communist revolutionary fighter, Mu JianChen did not give in. In order to protect the people's safety in tea city and the fruits of the victory of the new people's regime, he risked his own safety and fought tirelessly with zhong yulin gang. Eventually, Mu JianChen, under the command of the party committee of tea city, cooperated with the PLA air force to wipe out zhong yulin, a group of political bandits at one fell swoop. .

Plot Summary>>

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