Iron blood tea city(TV)[2017]
Iron blood tea city(TV)[2017]

《Iron blood tea city》Cast

Mu JianChen Siwei Wan Play)

Mu JianChen is neither a lone hero who can fight well nor a far-sighted "intelligence expert". He is a gentle, gentlemanly and pike hero who can maintain human kindness and tolerance even in the most brutal enemy combat.

Siwei Wan

Siwei Wan, born on October 23, is a new generation of film and television actor in Mainland China. He graduated from the undergraduate course of performance class 01 of Beijing Film Academy and is now an actress and performer of the August 1 Film Studio of People's Liberation Army. 2003 Siwei Wan to participate in the second Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival "Golden Eagle Rookie Contest" to show his head; the same year with the summer rain, Zhou Yun starring urban love drama "fall in love with single eyelid boys" into the entertainment circle. In 2011, he became the star of the Cenozoic military idol as a leading actor in "The Fifth Space" of the military operas of CCTV and achieved good ratings of the first ratings at the same time. In 2013, Siwei Wan starred in the era of love drama "wrong marriage" made the top three ratings in the South good grades, the same year in the war drama "expedition! expedition! "And Zhang Fengyi partner, featuring side by side actor. In the same year starred in Bayi Film Studio gift film "Lei Feng's smile" as actor Leifeng. And included in the award-winning Chinese film award-winning film, the media as "the most warm and handsome history of Lei Feng," lay the status of its red niche. In 2014, Zhong Yi Cheng, a literary youth who plays the role of a literary youth in the TV drama "Nude Marriage," is also the first attempt by Siwei Wan to experiment with urban sensibilities. The series broadcast in the prime time of Zhejiang Satellite TV and achieved good results of the first ratings at the same time period, allowing the audience to see Siwei Wan, a handsome and romantic man in modern drama. In 2017, the anti-Japanese drama "Jagged General" co-starring Hou Yong and Siwei Wan aired on CCTV 8, an atmosphere about the cooperation between the KMT and the CPC and the bloody battle of brothers and sisters. This year, the war giant, starring Siwei Wan, "Expedition! expedition! "Will also be broadcast in the prime of Chongqing Satellite TV. In addition, Siwei Wan plays the leading role in the drama" Before dawn "," Legend of bandit leader "," Female assault "," Bandit "and" Sword of honor "will also be broadcast in succession.

Long ZhiWen Zhou Yi Tong Play)

Zhou PeiLong is the only daughter of Zhou PeiLong, a famous squire and former senior officer of guangxi department. As she was born in a big landlord family, she always worried that others would think she was not revolutionary enough.

Zhou Yi Tong

Zhou Yi Tong, born July 22, 1995 in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, mainland China actress. In 2014, he participated in the urban emotional drama "Why Smell?" In 2016, starring in costume fantasy comedy "crazy days", due to play "Core Shaojun" corner of the audience familiar; the same year in May, as black comedy movie "crime novels" crew creative, invited to France to attend the 69th Cannes International Film Festival; the same year in August, partner Jia Nai Liang, Prince Tze Wong starring in the TV series "Where the winter warm, cool summer," by Meng Meng broker "Lulu" corner by the audience favorite. In 2016 November, starring in the action drama "bandit", as the female dragon tattoo.

Zhou PeiLong Yongdai Ding Play)

The former deputy commander of the guangxi army of the kuomintang, because of bai chongxi's exclusion, leisurely under the town and countryside tea, tea city area of the earth emperor. Long ZhiWen, his only daughter, is deeply loved by him. He is gentle and gentle on the surface and kind in the heart. He was cold and conceited, and did not allow anyone to challenge his authority. He believed neither the communist party nor the kuomintang, only the barrel of a gun in his hand, and only wanted to keep his position as emperor of the earth.

Yongdai Ding

Yongdai Ding was born in October 27, 1958 in Shandong, China, film and television actor. In 1983 graduated from the Inner Mongolia Art Institute Drama Department, assigned Inner Mongolia Drama Company. In 1981, participated in the first drama "Sinai Lama." 1997 starring movie "White Mountain Blackwater", Changchun Film Studio won the "small flowers" special award. In 2013, with the film "Allure" won the Most Powerful Actor Award at the Beijing Film Festival's Canadian Film Festival and nominated for the 29th Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actor. In October 2015, he participated in legendary costume drama "Lang Lang Bang", as Liang Di. In 2017, starred in the movie "extraordinary mission"; the same year, participating spy drama "perfect."

Pan GuiYing Beilei Li Play)

She was originally a yao family princess, raised in a close friend to be reasonable, but suddenly encountered bandit's kidnapping, bandit as the head of the "pressure village lady." Unexpectedly, it was during her captivity that Pan GuiYing developed feelings for the leader of the bandit group who had abducted her.

Beilei Li

BeiLei Li, born May 18, 1985 in Huludao City, Liaoning Province, China Mainland film and television actress. In 2009, starred in the first personal drama "Yimeng", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2010, starred in the female inspirational drama "Woman Flowery." In 2011, she played Taomi in the emotional drama "The Ninth Widow" in the Republic of China. In 2012, starring the Republic of China emotional drama "youthful fire." In 2014, she played auntai tortoise in the costume play "芈 月" ". In 2015, starring thriller suspense movie "red cheongsam." In 2016, he played Pan Guiying in the action drama "Bandits".

More《Iron blood tea city》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Lan MeiLan Lan MeiLan is the "third aunt" of Zhou PeiLong. She is the only woman in the courtyard of Zhou PeiLong. Although she is loved, she has no right to speak. Lan MeiLan is more like a captive peacock, opening up lonely, with arrogance and petulance longing for the free world outside.

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