Iron blood tea city(TV)[2017]
Iron blood tea city(TV)[2017]

《Iron blood tea city》Character Relationships

TV《Iron blood tea city》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Iron blood tea city》 Character Relationships:

《Iron blood tea city》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Mu JianChen

Mu JianChen is neither a lone hero who can fight well nor a far-sighted "intelligence expert". He is a gentle, gentlemanly and pike hero who can maintain human kindness and tolerance even in the most brutal enemy combat.

Long ZhiWen

Zhou PeiLong is the only daughter of Zhou PeiLong, a famous squire and former senior officer of guangxi department. As she was born in a big landlord family, she always worried that others would think she was not revolutionary enough.

Zhou PeiLong

The former deputy commander of the guangxi army of the kuomintang, because of bai chongxi's exclusion, leisurely under the town and countryside tea, tea city area of the earth emperor. Long ZhiWen, his only daughter, is deeply loved by him. He is gentle and gentle on the surface and kind in the heart. He was cold and conceited, and did not allow anyone to challenge his authority. He believed neither the communist party nor the kuomintang, only the barrel of a gun in his hand, and only wanted to keep his position as emperor of the earth.

Pan GuiYing

She was originally a yao family princess, raised in a close friend to be reasonable, but suddenly encountered bandit's kidnapping, bandit as the head of the "pressure village lady." Unexpectedly, it was during her captivity that Pan GuiYing developed feelings for the leader of the bandit group who had abducted her.

Lan MeiLan

Lan MeiLan is the "third aunt" of Zhou PeiLong. She is the only woman in the courtyard of Zhou PeiLong. Although she is loved, she has no right to speak. Lan MeiLan is more like a captive peacock, opening up lonely, with arrogance and petulance longing for the free world outside.



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