《Knight-errant》Ep1:episode 1

The wulin people compete for darksteel make connected scattered, which eventually by butyl Dang claimed, being chased by xu cranes, butyl Dang meet Shi ZhongYu, given darksteel order to him, to get rid of 2 people and then retrieve the kingdom Dang, jade meet, east to the crane, were to kill Dang, jade, Shi the Qing Min Rou couple timely rescue, butyl Dang fled east crane recognize Shi identity, the Qing couples also frightened. Yi TianXing learns of the Shi Qing couple's whereabouts and pursues them to kill them. Shi Qing couple flee with jade. Min Rou tries to keep the jade safe and takes the jade to the snow mountain school. The Chinese jade secretly left the dark iron order on Min Rou. When Shi Qing and his wife lost the battle against heaven, Xie YanKe appeared and took back the dark iron order to Min Rou and helped her to fight back against heaven. Ten thousand li to medium jade strict control, medium jade very discontented, a day, more secretly descend mountain, by mistake enter unknown valley, meet Ni DongEr.

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