《Knight-errant》Ep4:episode 4

He left after a big bite on his shoulder. Seeing that he did not agree with him, he was confused. Zhongyu was a farmer's wife to save the wake of the river, when the devil, Bai WanJian and coral to fight for the xuanirong order, serendipitously, zhongyu seized xuanirong order and was caught by Xie YanKe. The middle jade knew the xuaniren order is very useful, refused to ask the cigarette guest to do the work for him easily, the smoke polite end of the remaining, the mistake of the middle jade, by the middle jade escape. Zhongyutian road meet, tianxing to catch the jade, coral rescued, but zhongyu has been seriously injured, coral then sent him to tianshan to look for ice heart xuelian to heal his wounds. Ding ji got together with tian tian, but they mistook it as zhong yu. They captured it and handed it to wan jian. The sea stone seeks the sky to fall, meets the jade, mistook him for the sky, brings him back to the changle help.

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