《Knight-errant》Ep2:episode 2

Ni PoPo wants to kill Shi ZhongYu, the Chinese jade sweet words, and the winter son to pray for the love, Ni PoPo will finally let the winter son send him out of the valley. When zhong yu just got out of the unknown valley, he met ding ji again to chase him down with his xuaniren order. Zhong yu cheated him with his clever words, and asked her to give him a reply. Though he was very alert, he still fell into the trap of zhong yu. With the help of Bei HaiShi, chang le helped master si tu to escape the order of rewarding, rewarding and punishing evil from receiving xiake island. The jade is fond of playing, get the white A Xiu shoe with the same door wager, A Xiu misunderstand in the jade to her frivolous, panic to avoid, fall into the deep cliff.

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