《Knight-errant》Ep7:episode 7

Zhongyu would rather die than bow to the coral, led the winter son to seek medical treatment, but in vain, the original coral did not poison winter son, but to force the jade yield, the wrong command of the jade drink 100 poison heart wine, no medicine can be saved, zhongyu great anger, with the winter son left. Broken sky according to the line points painted on the clay figurine body and trained internal skills but did not know, when he trained skills to go into the magic, the smoker could not bear to rescue, found broken sky with internal skills, puzzled. Not three not four meet in the jade and winter son together, shape very close, feel discontented, grab winter son. He is pursuing his marriage to zhong yu. Zhong yu has admitted that he is going to be married soon. Mu RongBai rescued dong 'er and went to look for zhong 'er. Dong 'er was heartbroken when he saw that zhong 'er and ding 'were on their way to be married. Zhongyu explained to donger that after understanding everything, donger agreed with zhongyu to fly away, but zhongyu was poisoned to faint, to save the coral back to the five poison education. The coral and the winter child are working together in peace to take care of the jade.

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