Knife and knife(TV)[1995]
Knife and knife(TV)[1995]

《Knife and knife》Episodes

《Knife and knife》Ep7:Episode 7

Ming came to eat about Jun, Jun and Lotus overjoyed. Ju Xian seeking Haoguang help to find out many years ago for the mother grave girl six Aunt, that is, with the Ming went. Jun Gao YiMing did not attend the meeting, furious. Ho Kwok-kun learned that Chrysanthemums serve as an actress, very dissatisfied. In addition, Gao YiMing get Ju Xian to help complete the matter for the mother's grave, very happy. Jun even by pear rule banned others Gao GaoMing show, Ming had to find a small Sisi cooperation. Monarch called the path to the alley to lead the fire to the alley, Fortunately, Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Qiu rescued it was no casualties. The audience applauded loudly and little Si Si performing loudly, but Jun to destroy.

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