Knife and knife(TV)[1995]
Knife and knife(TV)[1995]

《Knife and knife》Episodes

《Knife and knife》Ep1:episode 1

Shen YuRu (Vivian Chow) works with aunt Huayu as a male Peking opera troupe. Both are agents of the South government. They know that the warlord Zhang Guolin is interested in the female class, that is, he resigns from the male class to the female class. Zhang Guolin birthday please female class to sing beforehand, please eat beforehand, Jade 茹 drunk through the house to find Yuan Shikai treasure map. See the key Zhang Guolin in the body, he left for his shower to print the spoon mold. Zhang Guolin Cao Jixiang for another invasion of the war put Jade back home. After Zhang Guolin Yu Ru for concubine, named the protagonist. Ju Sheng greatly dissatisfied, two students from the gap. Birthday Ru Yu opportunity to find the treasure map, Zhang Guolin suspicious.

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