Knife and knife(TV)[1995]
Knife and knife(TV)[1995]

《Knife and knife》Episodes

《Knife and knife》Ep19:Episode 19

Xuan in front of his father angry to kill eight aunt too Ju Ling revenge, and Jusheng Felt Ju Ling fainted, turned out to be pregnant, but the path is busy looking for important documents for the auspicious and began to jealous of she did not make her Send notice to him. In addition the path of cooperation with the mysterious man conspiracy to kill the robbed bit, but Jia Zhen because of the path known to kill him identity, Hao Guang in order to prevent the overall situation Jiajiazha kill the path and cooperation. Cheung to unlucky ad hoc altar, path with people into the altar to kill Xiang, Xiang escape, the path chasing the suburbs Xiang killed, chasing Xuan to the street when Chuxian just go out to find a doctor for the Jusheng, the path to open Kill Hin kill, Jixian that memory recovery fainted.

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