Knife and knife(TV)[1995]
Knife and knife(TV)[1995]

《Knife and knife》Episodes

《Knife and knife》Ep16:Episode 16

Haoguang does not recognize Peking Man, met the chrysanthemum on the road also pretend to be unknown, Chrysanthemum do not believe that Haoguang so her, Chrysanthemum managed to approach Haoguang, intent to get a clear understanding. Ju Sheng has changed, and even talk about the contract is not satisfied, chrysanthemum very dissatisfied, and the path is a great love for him, so she is more consciously happy. One day, Jusheng injured his leg after drunk, can not attend the signing ceremony. Chrysanthemum among them to play the role of acting Jusheng and was taken the news photo, this matter is known by Jusheng, when they came back temper, referring to everyone's intention to exclude her.

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