Mei no boundaries(TV)[2018]
Mei no boundaries(TV)[2018]

《Mei no boundaries》Ep28:evening coy chang 'an calculate huang yu chang 'an take evening coax private escape

Hill just calling huang yu, at this moment, huang YuZheng things to spend money noise with his wife, his wife is not very understand, huang yu has so many disciples and wulin, and pay them a large amount of overhead, even owe a debt, and was not worth the cost, but stubbornly believe that huang yu himself as an owner, have to do this. At this time, the evening mei pretended to cut her dress, came to the villa to ask for sewing, and changan came to the front door, the bright earth to see huang yu.

Chang 'an claimed to be the people of the song of fang, this trip is to urge debt, urging huang yu to return two thousand taels of silver. Huang yu is surprised, somehow owe so much money, chang 'an faint smile, sharp, always so. But huang yu was short of money, chang 'an proposed, huang yu did not want to return money can also, that the day after tomorrow at the wulin congress, standing on the side of fang ge. Huang yu fumed against chang 'an, refused to buy his conscience with money.

Night mei protege of heights make the illusion, that huang yu every YouShi animal roars at fellow players practice work in the garden, because we loud, everyone will be away from him, then huang yu is alone. Evening mei told chang an this matter, and warned, huang yu is also good at turtle sida law, must be careful.

The moon shadow to the blood lotus taught several rudders to inquire, to find out their martial arts road number, once fang song abdicated,Gong ZiThe person can take full helm at once.Gong Ziwas satisfied. This time,Gong Ziwanted to provoke conflict between wulin and blood lotus. Evening mei went alone to look for huang yu, huang yu knew that it was not good, so he used the lion roar, chang 'an took the opportunity to attack from behind, and hurt huang yu, two people said today to commit the stabbing issue to blood lotus to teach the body, then chang 'an quickly left, evening mei was deliberately captured.

Chang 'an returned to Gong Zi's side and recovered. He foundGong Zihad fainted. At the beginning of the wulin assembly, huang yu's protege marched out in the evening, claiming that it was a demon girl taught by blood lotus, and had lived in the fangge residence for many days. It seems that huang yu's assassination was related to fang song. "Then huang yu came out and asked who had directed her, and she said she was from the sect of fang song and blood lotus, which made huang yu very angry.

Fang ge saw that he had let the night mei live, but the night mei actually set himself up to harm himself, not from the very indignant, at this time, moon shadow arrived ready to take the night mei, also with the poison killed han yue, and then fled with the night mei. Fang ran all the way, only to meet Gong Zi, he then fiercely askedGong Ziwhy they set up their own bureau again and again.Gong Zismiled quietly. When there were fang songs, he could not touch zhongyuan wulin, so he had to start with the other side.

Gong Zi and fang ge started to fight without a word. Chang 'an, chang 'an and evening mei stood in the dark watching the battle. Chang 'an took advantage of the fact that he had not ordered moon shadow's acupoints, and then went away with her horse. At this time, the war between Gong Zi and fang song has ended. Gong Zi told fang song that as long as he drank the wine of pranks and became his own confidant, he could return fang song to innocence and let him continue to be the ally. But fang refused Gong Zi. Gong Zi smiled smugly. Turns out, he was just a tempter.

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