Mei no boundaries(TV)[2018]
Mei no boundaries(TV)[2018]

《Mei no boundaries》Character Relationships

TV《Mei no boundaries》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Mei no boundaries》 Character Relationships:

《Mei no boundaries》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Wan Mei/QiXue

After Tang dynasty, the girl seven snow strayed into the mysterious Xunyi City, was named late Mei. She struggled again and again in a mission, fortunate to be the shadow of life into a mystery of Chang-an multi-party protection, the two mediate disputes between the government and the public, the late Nirvana rebirth, become the new Cheng Zhu, and all this Gong Zi's calculations

Qi Xue/WanMei

No introduction

Chang An/XieHuan

One of the many common shadows in the city is the shadow of late-night. Changan martial arts high-strength, heavy-loyalty, trustworthiness, but forbear introverted.

Gong Zi

Personally changing character Cheng Zhu people, childhood special experience, resulting in his heart defects, coupled with the body is weak, so the character is relatively cold. In order to complete his revenge cause, Gong Zi has cured his eyes and still masks his real power in the blind state. Although extremely city-owned, his feelings for love are very specific, and there will be a period of restraint and restraint later Sadomasochism.

Liu Guang


Xing Feng

No introduction

Cha Luo

Cha Luo has almost the same experience with late-night, with the exception of the last level of black-out.

Cheng Zhu

No introduction



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