Mei no boundaries(TV)[2018]
Mei no boundaries(TV)[2018]

《Mei no boundaries》Ep31:Cha Luo to fight against Liu Guang Gong Zi

Changan to serve theLiu GuangHe went all the way up the cliff and finally came to a cave. Love is white-haired, haggard, she is now better than dead, only hope chang 'an can take out themselves. Chang 'an heart softened, he did not hurt the killer, but love to take out. Liu Guang, seeing that chang 'an saved new talents, felt conflicted in his heart and did not know how to deal with it. Respect is like the feeling that it treatedLiu Guangbadly in the past. AlthoughLiu Guangwas grateful for the kindness of its teachers, it also blamed the respectLuo ChaThe dead hand. After all these was the instruction of bluegrass. At that moment,Luo Chaarrived in a huff, ready to torture all the discriminations. Chang 'an didn't bear to see them as being tortured, and then stabbed them to death.Luo Chabecame angry and blamed all his anger on Liu Guang.

Xing FengCha Luo tried to find a way to suppress the evil king for Cha Luo, butLuo Chawas still very excited. She thought thatLiu Guangwas no longer loyal to her, so she decided to killLiu Guangand Xing Feng. In fact,Liu Guangalso knew that she was doomed to die. She knew thatLuo Chawas a person with a grievous grievance, and anyone who betrayed her would not end well. Chang 'an did not want to seeLiu Guangdie, then put forward the challenge of killingCheng Zhu,Liu Guang was moved by the shadow.

Mei later praisedGong ZiGong Zi smiled quietly. She had been suffering from heart disease for years. Now she knows how important it is to be healthy. Evening mei is very curious, Gong Zi's eyebrow heart many a red line, is to deal with more light ya, but give oneself under of gu?Gong Zianswered perfunctorily. At that moment, the shadow of the moon came to tell them that he had designed the bait and that the younger he was, the more likely he was to come tomorrow.After Gong Zi left, yuuying could not help herself anymore, she told evening mei that Gong Zi's heart disease was very serious, and now there is a red line between her eyebrows and her heart, she will not live for three days, and the nine lives that can save Gong Zi have been subdued by evening mei, because of her deep feeling, how could she bear the life of evening mei, now there is only one way to die! The more moon said the more sad, can not help tears flow, evening mei heart is full of guilt, originally Gong Zi for their own pay so much.

Xing Feng asked chang 'an who told Liu Guang that knowledge was as good as death. Chang 'an calmly replied, must be listening to the bamboo yard. Xing Feng smiled and pointed out that chang 'an wanted to challenge Cheng Zhu for Liu Guang. Then tomorrow morning would be the time of competition. On the other hand, Gong Zi and evening mei went to the market to eat sour powder. Later mei mentioned that she was not loved at home when she was a child. Gong Zi realized that the mood of evening mei had changed, and she knew that it must be the moon shadow who had said something.

Gong Zi held the hand of evening mei, this time, evening mei did not refuse, but Gong Zi was also aware that evening mei had no place in her heart, even if she died for evening mei, she would not fall in love with herself. At this time, night mei suddenly felt black before her eyes. When she woke up again, she had already been scattered with cartilage. It turns out that all this is a good play played by Gong Zi to bring out the lighter elements.

Gong Zi told yue yan that he promised his mother that he would destroy the blood lotus religion. Now, there is no way to avoid a final war between himself and yue yan. The more humble and cunning they threatened the lives of the late charming, and attempted to bring Gong Zi to her knees. Gong Zi was cruel, but she stuck her sword to the ground and fell to the ground feebly. When the two were in a tight race, evening mei quietly opened her eyes and, according to the plan, used the hidden sword of god to hit the lower reaches of the river, the lower reaches. Before dying, she finally learned that Gong Zi was the son of her and bluegrass.

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