Mei no boundaries(TV)[2018]
Mei no boundaries(TV)[2018]

《Mei no boundaries》Ep1:Seven snow was sold to the brothel by the father. The moon shadow brought the seven snow back to the city.

In 907 AD, Liang Wang Zhu Wendai Tang called the emperor, the founding of the country Liang, sent troops to attack the Jin State. Jin Wang Li Ke refused to admit his political power, still used the Tang Dynasty Tianyou Year, and held high the banner of the Tang Dynasty, and competed with Liang. This began the Five Dynasties and Ten States in Chinese history. In the past 100 years, the knife has not stopped, mourning the wild. In this dark age, a mysterious assassination organization quietly appeared, wandering between the military and political rivers and lakes, killing the squandering and squandering life and the dignitaries. The folks have circulated, filtering out those who add fuel and vinegar. This organization is a woman, and they all hold red paper umbrellas painted with golden flowers. In the post-Tang chaos, there is such a family, the father is the drug Wang Gu Su Wang, and there is a small Bayi female Su Qixue in the family. This woman is intelligent, tough and independent, and is good at observing and measuring people's hearts.

One day, seven snows finished the work of burying the dead in the mass grave, and accidentally picked up a bead that was held in the palm of the hand by the dead. The bead was orange-yellow, and the outer yellow was inside. Orange light. Then, the tired seven snows came back home and saw the millet porridge in the pot, but the father let Qi Xue sell a medicine pack to the Dingxiang Pavilion opposite the Baicao Medical Center, and did not let her drink porridge. meaning. Although Qi Xue doubts that there is any medicine pack in the family, he still chooses to trust his father to sell the medicine pack. It can be known after the girl’s seven snows that Dingxiang Pavilion is actually a brothel. His father, Su Wang, said that he was selling medicine bags. In fact, he sold his daughter in that pot of millet, and let Qi Xue himself go stupidly. Seven snow arrived at the brothel, so it was so easy to come out, she was stunned into the room.

In the lobby, Laojiao Niang is warmly entertaining Huang Yong Huang’s school, and Zhao Jun’s outing is also a horse stepping double Yan, and finally she has been invited to fly out. Huang School is interested in staring at the impromptu wind and silk scarf dancing, including the looming chest gap. And when the clothes were smashed, the seven snows, the unnamed man who just broke off her wrist and took some of her blood, appeared in the lobby, interrupted the flying dance, broke the interest of the yellow school, and the grotesque There are a lot of ways for Huang’s school to punish people. The Huang School, who was angry, asked the old man for Su Qixue.

When the old man washes the seven snows, tie the seven snow hands together in the room. Huang Yong walked in slyly, and smeared the seven snows while smearing the words. While holding his hands on the skin of the seven snows, he squatted and finally opened his seven-snow skirt and looked at the seven-snow white legs. Swallowing saliva. At this time, a mysterious woman held a white umbrella with red flowers, dressed in a purple gauze skirt, slowly entered the room. Huang Yong looked at him angrily, but he was attracted by the charming skin under the umbrella. The woman’s speech was revealed to the seven snows. The Yan family in the west of the city was led by Liang Jun’s thousand households, Huang Yong, and also slaughtered the city. The women who were seen by Huang Yong after the present were brought back to the military camp, where there were fewer wolves. I can imagine that it is not a matter of living for three days. Huang Yong, who wants to smoke his heart, wants to "shuangfei" with these two women. The mysterious woman smiles and picks up the purple gauze sleeves, revealing the red inscription on her arm, and reads in her mouth that "life is like a scorpion, and death is dying."

A large group of flies-like creatures flew to Huang Yong. Within three seconds, Huang Yong fell to the ground and died in pain. All the creatures flew into the mouth of Huang Yong. However, the mysterious woman did not come to save the seven snows, but for the money, some people went bankrupt and Huang Yong died. Under the alternative pleading of Seven Snows, the mysterious woman had the agreement to bring him into the city before going to the graveyard before sunset, provided that Qi Xue could escape this dilemma alone.

A moment to wait, seeing the old man going into the room, seven snows in a hurry, replaced the military uniform of the yellow school, and left the Dingxiang Pavilion. After the old man yelled at the incident, the chasing soldiers chased after him. In the middle, the seven snow generals suited the grass man and tied it to the fast horse, leading the soldiers to the other road. And Qi Xueben rode a horse to the mass grave, but he couldn't eat for many days. He was tired and tired, rolled down, and fell into a coma on a lawn. At sunset, the mysterious woman and a group of prostitutes were at the graveyard, waiting for the newcomer to snow, but they have not seen it.

In the middle of the night, the sky was filled with crushed rain, and the seven snows were awakened. The first time after Qi Xue wakes up, he remembers a chance, the sunset is bounded, and he enters Yucheng. Then, the seven snows still trembled and went to the graveyard. Unexpectedly, Qi Xue was confronted with a sword, because the maiden moon shadow of Gong Zi was assigned to Qijia Looking for "nine lives", some people would like to take this off Tony Gong Zi sitting in the sedan. This Gong Zi is a trait-changing 姽婳 Cheng Zhu person, a special experience of childhood, Leading to his inner character defects, frail and sick, and his character is very cold, the city is extremely deep, and his organs are counted in order to complete the revenge. Who can think of Gong Zi like this, but he has a soft spot for Qi Xue. The "Nine Lifes" is made of Bailu, and the Firefly can sense it.

Tony Gong Zi took the sensation of Firefly and found that there is no "nine-life" here, just wanting to leave. Moon Shadow Tip Gong Zi, there is a woman in the distance, and Gong Zi has long been breathing even though the seven snows are weak and the body is extremely empty. The indifferent Gong Zi does not intend to save the seven snows, but the moon shadow has a pity. Gong Zi took care of the moon shadow and said that if the woman came to life the next day, she would bring it back to Yucheng. At this time, Gong Zi knows that the wolf is in front of the woman, and the bottom is the bottomless cliff. It is astounding that the seven snows are extremely strong, and she is supported on the edge of the cliff with weak arms until the wolf leaves and climbs to the ground. Waiting for the day, the moon shadow propped up an umbrella that once met, appeared in front of the seven snow, and reported the name, Jianghu people said: red ghost, from Yucheng. The seven snows are extremely weak, and they will fall asleep when they hear it.

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