the TV series' Zhang Yaqin is a blind net user who loves to lose his sight: yaranzhu in pain

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Star news: tonight, the hit showSwinging"Will be the climax of sadomasochism, actorZhang YaqinAs a princess of qiongye tribe, yalanzhu, the princess of qiongye tribe, risked her life to cure her beloved in battle in the north field. Although she saved her lover's life, she also paid the price of blindness.

Yalanzhu is crazy about love. Live the life of a girl

In the early stages of the story, the appearance of yaranzhu impressed the netizens. In the flood outside taiyuan, she saved the north field regardless of other people's eyes and "artificial respiration", causing the general and his team to "escape from the wilderness". She was also in constant pursuit of love, as in the bear's embrace of the north field, when she cried out, "the first man is to be taken, and the last is to be taken away," and said to her heart, "from the first time I saw him, I was sure that this was the man I was going to marry." Although repeatedly rejected by the war, but yalanzhu pursuit of love at the beginning of the heart, always accompany the beloved, fear life and death difficult.

Die for love and never regret it. Yalanzhu's blindness caused heartache among netizens

PreviousZhang Yaqinwas due to the distinct personality by netizens as "bright girl", this time under her acting, LanZhu image in the play of its own, character huan, clear and spoony revealed, is ecru girl feeling let audiences, some netizens praised "jas LanZhu is performed most girls the role of feeling, is a bright girl himself."

In addition to the bright and lovely details, the development of her emotional line is also the highlight of the play. In tonight's drama, due to serious injury, war north field is unconscious. Yalanzhu not only takes care of her day and night, but also expresses her feelings affectionately in front of her sickbed. Finally, she chooses to die for love, at the cost of blindness in both eyes, to use the incontinence to save the dying war north field. It will be revealed tonight whether the blind yaranzhu will continue to pursue the war in the north, or choose to leave the beloved without any psychological burden.

After the sad and cruel heart trailer was broadcast, it immediately caused a heated discussion on the whole website. The leading actorZhang Yaqinalso received a lot of comments on his microblog. Another netizen, inya lanzhu, "teared her eyes" for her devotion to love, saying she wanted to find "a girlfriend like zhuzhu."

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