“zhang yaqin” ended tonight and it was clear that the girl's acting was praised."

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Zhang Yaqin " Swinging "Closing tonight & NBSP; The clear girl is praised for her acting

by The Mini Yang , Ethan Juan , Zhang Yaqin, Long Jiang Starring in the same period drama, theSwingingwill wrap up tonight. In the finale, aranzhu assistedSwingingto save the infinite, and the final battle of the drama was in sight.

Character ghost Ma Ke Love & have spentZhang Yaqinplays the most powerful girl sense of the whole drama

Swinging has dominated the network's ratings since its broadcast. Among them, the character of ya LAN bead played byZhang Yaqinis very impressive. Her clothes are fresh and bright, but as the princess of qiongye nationality, she has no noble shelf.

At the beginning of the story, the elegant LanZhu debut drama stage joke artificial respiration, frighten kitano line of people fled, in pursuit of a beloved, jas LanZhu cook went to sing omnipotent, while chasing love process with traps, but LanZhu never gave up, ghostMa Kelove her by netizens also praised as "that the strongest girl feels character". In the grand finale, yalanju will continue the sentimental and righteous girl character, and fight with the king.

Role love is a success & a success; Clear girl acting word of mouth double harvest

In addition to her likable personality, yalanchu's emotional line with the warlords has also attracted the attention of netizens. Although at first jas LanZhu frequently "abandon", but she is always clinging to accompany around war kitano, laugh with he accompanied him lost, when war kitano confusion on intimate comfort, when he need more rescue, regardless of their own lives even using the technique for war kitano healing, war also was most impressed by the truth of jas LanZhu kitano, two people together in the end.

The tearful journey of pursuing love with a smile moves and hurts the audience. The figure of ya lanzhu has gone from being unrestrained to devoted to love. Zhang Yaqin's growth and transformation of her acting has been praised by netizens. For actress Zhang Yaqin, acting in yalanzhu is also a growth in her career path. Facing the praise from netizens, she confesses that "everyone's recognition is both praise and motivation for me, and I will try to repay everyone with better works."

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