Following the successful' boar 'cp dispensing sugar' of zhang yaqin, a popular tv series

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Star relationship news: byYang Wenjun,Ze XieCo-directed with li CAI,The Mini Yang,Ethan Juan,Vengo Gao,Zhang Yaqin,Long JiangSuch as the co-starring role of women's inspirational growth dramaSwinging", which has already exceeded 9 billion, is continuing to hit the airwaves. Zhang Yaqin's yalangju is a naive and lively young girl who has fallen in love with kitano (Vengo Gao) since childhood.

The boar CP eventually got married to "you are my eye"

In the drama, yalangzhu is a princess of qiongye tribe. When she was young, she came across zhanbei field washing her hair for her mother in tianshag palace. From then on, she decided that warfield was the best and gentlest person she had ever met, and became the "little tail" of warfield.

Although it is an ancient costume drama, yalanzhu independent, confident, persistent love view has been recognized by many netizens. Yalanju is trying to save him from blindness after he was wounded and unconscious in a recent episode. After learning the truth, warfield offered to repay her, but she said she did not want warfield to pity and sympathize with her. Even though the north point of war was in love with chorea (Mini Yang), the yaranzhu was never jealous, saying only "I like her if I am a boy", causing great pain to the audience, who shouted "pearls are such a good girl, you should open your eyes in the north point of war". & have spent

After this battle, war north field finally realized, imperceptibly in the heart of yalanzhu has occupied an important position, embrace her into the bosom, called her "bead" for the first time. The couple, dubbed "boar" CP by netizens, have been happily married. "I'll show you what you can't see. As long as I am there, you will not be wronged.

Cute, affectionate tear-jerking & NBSP; The ability to switch freely has been praised

In the previous part of the drama, yalanzhu has shown a cute and playful side, which has been naturally touched by netizens' stamp acting skills. In the later stage, the tragic part has also been well handled, and there are countless fans in the circle. In the play, when yalanzhu saves the northern field, he tells himself how to determine the heart course of the northern field. The long monologue is very touching. Especially when xiao qi came here, he knew that yaluan zhu was blind in both eyes. He told xiao qi not to tell him how to take care of zhan beiye.

It is reported thatZhang Yaqinmade a lot of preparations for the role of yaranzhu: reading the original books, running every morning and practicing his lines. Go to the network to read the original book fan's impression of yalanzhu, usually see the movie and yalanzhu character similar to the character of the characters, will also integrate it into the characterization. In order to make the play of yaranzhu blind more real,Zhang Yaqinused to cover his eyes with cloth for a period of time to simulate the living condition of blind people.

As a newcomer, Zhang Yaqin's seriousness about acting has also been rewarded, and now she has been working on the examples in the following chapters:MissGrannyHer lovely round face is very popular with the audience. She is praised by the audience for her witty and affectionate skills. I believe her future development is worthy of expectation.

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