Clash's chief producer, yang xiaopei, led the summer with a number of records.

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Linkeddb News October 11

" Swinging Chief producer Yang Xiaopei Top 10 producer awards & NBSP; Leading the summer season with a number of records

& have spent Co-produced by lime meng film, lime meng yue xin, and adapted from penguin movie Return to the world The queen of Swinging, Yanyan Jie The writers, Yang Wenjun , Ze Xie Yang Xiaopei is the chief producer. Mini Yang , Ethan Juan Starring, Yijun Liu ,Chin - sung WangStarring, Vengo Gao , Yi Lai , Zhang Yaqin , Ke Hu Such as drama starring "Swinging" following the September 20, China and Russia in international cooperation department, led by the state administration of radio, film and television exchange after the meeting, yesterday (October 10) total producer Yang Xiaopei won by China's TV series production industry association and the capital association founded the guidance of radio and television manufacturing TV list of beginner's mind, China's top ten youth drama producer award. The TV series Swinging has been praised both in and out of the industry by virtue of its grand world view, the enmity between love and murder, and the positive energy values in line with the mainstream spirit of The Times. The general producer Yang Xiaopei showed up at the awards ceremony to interpret the codes for the audience, and proposed that the producers needed "craftsman" standards under the new era's TV series industrialization system, with "craftsmanship" and "craftsman ability".

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The general producer strictly adheres to the standard of craftsman to create a breakthrough hot style

"Swinging" opened tencent video first, multi-dimensional members including single play play, play to pull new, single show business income hit a record high, tencent's second-quarter earnings in 2018 pointed out that tencent video paying members users has reached 74 million, up 121% year on year, members of the growth attributed to like "Swinging" exclusive content of strong performance. Zhejiang satellite TV ratings beat 1 to win the weekly broadcast theater. Social topics are hot on the screen and have been searched more than 100 times on weibo.

Besides sticking to the creative idea that innovation does not follow, hot style is inseparable from the industrial system of ancient costume that lime meng has been exploring and improving. Yang Xiaopei, the chief producer, said: "audiences' increasing taste and aesthetic standards mean that every part of a drama needs to be more professional and precise. Swinging is the evolution of the industrial system. From script adaptation, actors selection, director management and production management, as well as the construction and control of the industrial system, every link is self-motivated and keeps improving. Posterity was the key to the success of Swinging, which was a team that combined the strengths of all, combined with innovation, and had a standardized process.

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Attention to reality reflects the positive value system production upgrade bearing social responsibility

In both costume dramas and modern dramas, the general producer Yang Xiaopei has been insisting that the stories should be subordinate to the current situation and that the value system should be established in accordance with the realistic logic to make emotional links with the audience. The hero, prince (Mini Yang), steps on the five continents to find the mystery of life. Facing difficulties, he chooses to go against the current and stick to the bottom line in the face of the impact of values. Yang Xiaopei, the general producer, has deeply observed the development trend of The Times and integrated "the premise of equal ego is mutual growth" into the plot of the "Swinging". "the independence of the Swinging, persistence, daring to love and hate" is the place that resonates with the audience who bravely struggles for life and dreams.

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In the process of constantly upgrading production and content, we will also take the initiative to assume social responsibility: "we need to have humanistic feelings, emotional refraction, dramatic tension and even deliver the current values in the whole drama". With "a young atmosphere coming from the world, a complex and unique character creation, a grand but not empty story pattern, and a value system that borrows from ancient times to compare with the present and positive", Swinging conveys to the audience the spirit of The Times that is not afraid of the storm and does not justify the juvenile courage.

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