Episode: 60 Area: China
Stars: Mini Yang Mini Yang Ethan Juan More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Wenjun Yang Ze Xie Year: 2018
Writer: Yanyan Jie Genre: Costumes | Inspirational | Love
Producer: Yang Xiaopei


"Swaying" also known as "shaking the Queen" tells the continent mainland to Promise imperial command too deep, Tian evil, Xuanji, and Zong Xue sacred sea Fuyu across the sea. The ancient dome has pregnant a god lotus in the body. Spray childhood Yuen Yuan Xuan Yuan Jian sent under the door, due to qualifications dull teacher division door contempt. At the age of 16 had "broken nine Xiao" magic, martial arts sophisticated. In order to collect the secrets of the Five Continents, wait for the wind to break the sea to the sky, escort embark on the road to adventure in Wuzhou, and the Promise Imperial City Prince Zhang SunWuJi know each other, Interpol, De Wang Palace change, together with the days of evil king Zhan BeiYe to regain the monarchy, revealing the escort Xuanji Wangnv's life. Accompanied by everyone escorted to the sky, flesh and blood to contend with the ancient evil things non-God, after the arduous test, the ultimate breakthrough in the sky Cangxian, beheaded all evil cult, guarding the continents Aetna. Waggish and Promise love has finally become good. "Wiggling" is based on the world Guiyuan novel "help the Queen" adapted from the lemon Meng film industry, lemon Meng Yue heart and Tencent video co-produced costumes of women's inspirational TV series by Yang Wenjun, Xie Ze and Li Cai jointly directed, Yang Xiaopei served as general manager Producers, Mini Yang, Ethan Juan, Vengo Gao, Yijun Liu, Zhang Yaqin and Yi Lai starred together .

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