Is the word 'i keep you' honey or arsenic? cheng li sha's answer is textbook.

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Is the word "I keep you" honey or arsenic? Cheng Li Sha The answer is textbook

The romantic journey of the wife is a brand new couples observation cure program made by mango TV. The creative combination of pattern travel and emotion observation has gained a large number of fans since its broadcast and won praise from the audience.

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The show is made up of four couples, one each Jordan Chan Cherrie Ying, , Xiaodong Guo, Cheng Li Sha, Jason Zhang, Xie Na , Fu Xinbo Ying, Er . SinceJason Zhang,Xie Na and his wife are so popular, many netizens said they went to see them. But as the show aired, many netizens were charmed by Cheng Li Sha.

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In fact, at the very beginning of the show,Cheng Li Shawas regarded as "fu nu" by netizens for her behavior. Cheng Li Sha's focus of life basically revolves around Xiaodong Guo. She is also obedient to her husband and follows her advice. She never wears a skirt that has no knee.Xiaodong Guo,himself said that he has hardly brought the keys of his home. No matter when he goes home,Cheng Li Shawaits for him at home. Seeing this, some netizens felt thatCheng Li Shahad no ego and silently implied that she could be so in the future.

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But with each episode of the show, many netizens began to likeCheng Li Shaand her inexplicable circle of fans. I remember that there was a scene in the program where the wife talked about her husband while having dinner. The camera went to Cheng Li Sha, who chased whom.Cheng Li Shablurted outXiaodong Guo,whom she chased, and then talked about the proposal. Upon hearing Cheng Li Sha's reply, his wife let out a look of surprise. In fact, one of Cheng Li Sha's lines was well received by netizens. "why don't you go after someone you like?"

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Those who have watched The movie "The King of Comedy" and should know that The line "I raise you" has also touched a lot of audiences at that time, and these three words have become one of The criteria for girls to test their boyfriends. When a girl says, "will you feed me? In the latest episode of the show,Cheng Li Shagave a lesson to netizens. Cheng Li Sha's answer is textbook - quality.

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From Cheng Li Sha's answer, it can be seen that if the other party puts all the money to you and tells you "I keep you" then it is "honey", because the money is all yours. On the contrary, if the money is still in the other person's hand and says "I keep you", it could be "arsenic".

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After hearing Cheng Li Sha's answer, her husband's team also launched a discussion, saying that "finances are also a very important key issue".

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I don't know. What feelings will be brought to my husbandXiaodong Guo,after listening to Cheng Li Sha's remarks? Do you think "I keep you" is "honey" or "arsenic"?

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