Snow monster adventure' has a lot of domestic buzz. i didn't expect the animated movie to be so funny!

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Linkeddb News October 15 Snow Monster Adventure, a Hollywood fantasy Adventure film produced by warner bros. pictures, will officially hit the Chinese mainland on October 19. The film has a parent-child show in Shanghai and Beijing. Cute snow monster and human joy adventures all age circle powder, after watching the film after a flood of praise to come. Snow monster family and "foot monster" humans due to language, physical differences caused by the contrast of laughter, leading to the scene of the movie laughter. Lovely snow monster touching family friendship love warm people, snow mountain wonder is more people. One of the various shapes of the snow strange in the screen on the distinct hair special effects also let the audience wowed. The novel plot Settings, corresponding to the reality of the trend of laughter, so the audience exclamation: "I did not expect that animated films can be so funny! Children and adults are very happy to see!" The film will be released nationwide on October 19. The pre-sale has been started and tickets will be purchased immediately.

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Tears of joy! Big foot and small foot joke started out warm heart adventure

"Snow Monster Adventure," the biggest comedy in Hollywood this fall, has seen its box office ratings soar after its release overseas, topping North America's top three for two weeks in a row. Before the official release of the film in China, the film company specially held a parent-child show in advance. The audience who watched the first wave of the movie acted as "tap water", and praised the lovely mountains. In the movie, snow monster and human beings treat each other as monsters, and the plot is confirmed. The audience rages that "mingo and human beings meet for the first time, two people can't speak the language, and they laugh until they almost shoot swollen legs!" ", "the scene of snow monster and bear's dialogue in the cave laughs to the point of instability in the chair. At the same time, with the development of the plot, a variety of heartwarming emotions are more moving. Many fans expressed their tears of laughter and tears. "I was so moved by the dialogue between miko's father and his son that I looked back at him and cried in an instant." On October 19, a cross - species heart - to - heart exchange, a quest to prove the existence of legends is on its way!

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 & have spent Cool trend! Dynamic RAP inspirational stories are full of surprises

& have spent & have spent & have spent In addition to the hilarious jokes and heartwarming emotions, various fashion trends in the film also arouse heated discussions among the audience, so that adults and children can really see their own points, and young people can also find resonance in them. The surprise is that the film by the seemingly serious village head of a dynamic RAP, instant fan blood ignited, after the audience said: "god! The RAP of the village head was so hot that I announced that the global fan club of shoushi big brother was set up today!" ", "that's cool! I knew he was not bronze from the time the village chief walked the fashionable top rock coat, I just want to scream when rapping: the king is him!" At the same time, the determination of the snow monster's young men to explore the truth is also inspiringHe Yong (rock musician)Dare to beat back, was cured!" ", "rice fruit rolling down the mountain that is funny and sad, almost a true portrayal of me and life", "especially education significance, my daughter said to be as brave as rice fruit, and I was touched by the rice fruit do not admit defeat".

& have spent & have spent Snow Monster Adventure, a fantasy Adventure animated film produced by warner bros. films, by "" money boss" " Channing Tatum ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle), NBA superstar LeBron James , charm goddess Zendaya ("Spider - Man: Homecoming), famous comedians James Corden Peter rabbit will be released on October 19 across the country. The pre-sale tickets have already been opened.

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