Snow monster adventure' reveals' the most powerful card 'special money boss, lebron james

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Miko confronts village chief face to face. JPG

Linkeddb News October 11The Hollywood fantasy adventure animated film produced by warner bros. pictures Snow Monster Adventure ", today's release of "the most powerful card division" special. How could the loveliest bigfoot monsters be without the most powerful voice cast? In the latest special, "money boss" Channing Tatum , the NBA superstar LeBron James , charm goddess Zendaya ", well-known rapper koeman and many other main makers have emerged, to read the snow monsters behind the story! & have spent In this special episode, people discuss and explore whether the "little foot monster" is real or not. On October 19, let us open the happy little feet adventure!

Goshi village head's family has different expressions. JPG

Intersecting men's circle of fans constantly & NBSP; Skills and characters are funny and lovely

Snow Monster Adventure is one of the most anticipated Hollywood animated films of October. The only one in the film has only seen mingots with tiny feet, Channing Tatum, the handsome and unrestrained god of money. In the film, the head of shoushi village, opposite to mico's position, is voiced by well-known rapper koeman. In the special episode, miko and the village head of shoushi have a heated discussion about "whether the foot monster really exists". Miguo proves that he has seen the excitement and excitement of the little foot monster, and the mayor of shoushi village reassures the villagers that the little foot monster does not exist. Their different characters and attitudes towards the little foot monster make this joyful adventure of the snow mountain more interesting. Surprisingly, NBA superstar James "king" James was even more vocal about the crossover, his confident assessment of his performance: "I'm more like big and fat than anyone else." In the special episode, as the new and old member of the "little foot monster research institute", miko xue and frin laugh and make fun of the wide and fat "crazy", which is more to show the wide and fat unique and lovely.

JPG, the first human sighting in the foot monster institute


 The goddess of strength brings together the joy feast & NBSP; Snow mountain beauty is witty and humorous

The snow mountain youth joyful many, the snow mountain beautiful shadow is blossoming flowers. Zendaya is the voice of the village chief's daughter, mi qi, and will also sing on the screen. As the leader of the little foot monster research institute, miki's appearance in the special is nothing short of stunning. In the special, miki's good sister snow strange carica also makes an interesting appearance, for the sound of carica power goddess People also ask Read more "" the characters we dub have such lovely characters as carica" ". In this special episode, when carica first meets the human posey, she is so enthusiastic that she smashes him to the ground, which makes her more lovely and happy. Super star voice, super praise the role gradually revealed, October 19, looking forward to the snow monster and the first encounter of the funny experience, the fancy god reversal crazy hatching waves!


Snow Monster Adventure, a fantasy Adventure animated film produced by warner bros. films by "" money boss" "Channing Tatum (" "Snow Monster Adventure "")Kingsman: The Golden Circle"), NBA superstar LeBron James, glamour goddess Zendaya ("Spider - Man: Homecoming), famous comedians James Corden (Peter rabbit) with a heartfelt voice, it will be released nationwide on October 19. Big guy also has small lovely, big foot small foot small world, invite you to start out together in laughter! & have spent

JPG wide and fat, curious to see posey for the first time

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