Snow monster adventure' reveals how big foot is laughing in the 'shouting match' trailer

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JPG snow monster migos to grumpy bear mother

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Linkeddb News October 17 The Hollywood fantasy adventure animated film produced by warner bros. pictures Snow Monster Adventure ", today exposed the "Shouting match" version of the trailer. The wild cave encountered a fierce black bear, the outsized roar, the little foot monster bossy almost threatened to faint. Key moment bigfoot snow monster rice fruit fire rescue, under the human posey Angle, the two big beasts to confront each other and growl in shock. "Sunshine boy" snow monster's wit soothes and protects the mother of a grumpy bear cub, while the angry banter of the mother of a loud housewife makes people laugh. Recently, after the film was held in advance, more media recommended: "unexpectedly good! The children see the joy in this work, great personality of deep meaning!" October 19, to see how human bossie bear mouth escape, pre-sale has been opened, immediately buy tickets, hug warm!

JPG snow monster and his father have a long talk

 A happy journey into a bear's den by mistake. Highly emotional snowflake advises furious bear mommy

The cell phone in the wilderness ridge no signal, the little foot monster bossie burning a wailing, but attracted ferocity Big black The bear. A scary bear growl almost shattered posey little face, the line of the feet of snow blame meters fruit get warm heart clearance in time, posey crazy flee for life, once the lens turn the truth revealed, Eva pressure is too great, super crazy fun postpartum anxiety mommy bear face snow blame sad tears: "my babies sleep is sweet, it took me several weeks to coax them to sleep, I only have six months, and you put it is ruined!" "I'm really sorry. I don't have kids. I can understand how difficult it is." The plot turns out to be a lot of fun, which makes you expect the human snow monster to get along with each other. October 19, xueshan adventure fun started! Pre-sale has been opened, buy tickets immediately, and start an exclusive experience full of laughter with this group of snow mountains.

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Posey sings the heart of modern youth. JPG

JPG wide and fat, curious to see posey for the first time

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Miki and miki join hands with human posey. JPG

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