"Gu Jian Qi Tan 2" broadcast, Zeng Li interpretation of the Posh River East Lion

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Produced by Alibaba Film Group and Beijing Chengxiang Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., directed by Cai Jing Sheng , Aarif Rahman , Ying Er , Fu Xinbo , Zeng Li and others starred in the TV series "Gu Jian Qi Tan II" It will start broadcasting at 0:00 today. The drama tells the story of juvenile music, leaving the family to embark on a journey of martyrdom. During the journey, a group of partners such as the Tiancao Warrior Wen Yuyu, the Taihua Mountain disciple Xia Yi, and the mysterious girl Auntie Legendary story.

In the play, Zeng Li plays Fu Qingyi, a prostitute who is good at martial arts in Nanjiang. The appearance is beautiful and mature, but her character is warm and sultry. It is a sly woman who can do it without saying a word. Fu Qingxi (Zeng Li) is the wife of Le Shaocheng ( Bing Hu ), the nourishment of Fu Xinbo. The sultry Fu Qingying not only trained her husband's son, but also the river lion, but also a martial arts high-strength cigarette pouch in hand, ordinary people are difficult to close.

Actor Zeng Li graduated from the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama with a bachelor's degree of 96. In the hit drama " Datang Glory " " Old Boy ", there are wonderful performances. In the TV series " Stay with my mom " which is currently being broadcasted by Zhejiang Satellite TV, it is the summer of the single mother who is elegant and intellectual, and it has won the praise of the audience. Let's meet Youku to see Zeng Li's interpretation of the Posh River Dongshi, and I also expect her to bring us more outstanding works.

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