Stay with my mom(TV)[2018]
Stay with my mom(TV)[2018]
Stay with my mom(TV)[2018]

Stay with my mom(TV)[2018]

Episode: 46 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Mei Ting Yajun Xu Vivian Wu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Chang Chen Year: 2018
Genre: Urban | Family | Emotions
Producer: Jiang Yi Ting

《Stay with my mom》Episodes

"Reading with Mom" ​​tells the story of understanding and understanding of parents and children of family members, love and be loved, sacrifice and common growth. Strong woman Li Na, a female owner of a cosmetics company, Ding YiYi, a son of a Canadian student studying abroad, is in a constant situation, so she has to put her hands down and even go to Canada to become a full-time " Accompanying my mother. " However, behind the sacrifice of work and family, the company suffered subordinate betrayals, separatism and husbands, and other feelings of discordant reality, in the rebellious son quarrel with himself constantly. At a desperation moment, Li Na met Hu YuanYuan, Xia Tian and Chen LiLi, both of whom were accompanying mothers. Several people supported each other in their daily lives and supported each other. Ultimately, they found ways to live with their children and her husband, Love, family reconciliation and growth.

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